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Pray For Max Today.

It's his one week birthday! Here's an explanation from his mom as to what is happening today.

Max keeps having these episodes where his heart rate drops down and alarms go off and they have to run over and rub his back. The nurse said it's normal at this age for them to have bradycardic episodes, but he's had 5 this morning. So they had the nurse practitioner come look at him. Everything else about him looks great, so they are just going to watch him this afternoon. Just pray that he quits having them, they're scary.

Thank you for your prayers!!
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  1. Aww, poor Max. Definitely praying.

  2. Praying for him! I put your button on my blog!


  3. We'll be praying!! Thinking of everyone involved!

  4. Poo Max. I hope he feels better this afternoon!

  5. We're still praying for him. Thank you for the updates! My Mom used to tell us how they had to do that at the NICU at Dartmouth where my brother was born. An alarm would go off and one of the nurses would casually walk over, rub their back, and walk away. Then another alarm would go off, and they'd go rub that baby's back, and then another alarm ... she said the nurses would be nice and calm--very contrary to the moms!! Our prayers are definitely still with Max and your brother and sis-in-law, too.

  6. Praying for Max and Hollie and Luke and Glamma and Grampa and Aunt Whitney and Uncle Darin.....

  7. I remember those, I had twin boys almost nine years ago at 30 weeks. They called those A's and B's and they had to not have any for a prolonged period of time before they could go home--among other issues that had to be worked out. But everytime the alarm would go off my heart would just sink, because that meant our time was starting over. My memories are still very vivid of those days, which were many in my case. My heart goes out to her and your family!

  8. Many prayers and positive loving thoughts!

    Grabbed your button for my blog too.


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