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Packy Wacky.


We all have our opinions on them, and at our house, we are a pacifier family. No seriously, I stick one in Husby's mouth when I need him to hush. ;) I kid, I kid.

(Love you, Honey. Sugar Bear. Apple of My Eye.)

When Levi was a newborn (OH MY GOODNESS HE IS NO LONGER A NEWBORN! WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!) he rarely took his pacifier. He would give it a few sucks, thrust it out with great force, and purse those little red lips together as tight as he could. Now, as he is older, sometimes he really wants it and other times he hates it. It's funny.

I have oodles of those pacifier clips because they are cute. I like to color coordinate them to his outfit for the day and keep one attached just in case he feels the need to suck. I also have oodles of pacifiers because....well....okay, I guess I'll tell you. I like finding cute pacifiers. I can't help it. It's like his little accessory. Now, I do not mean the kind with phrases on them because those are just weird, and I don't mean the "funny" ones with buck teeth and whatnot. I'm talking fun colors, cool shapes, unique looking pacifiers. There are so many out there and as I've accumulated many for the Little Boy to try, I have found that he has his favorites. And they are the Avent ones. They're the best ones. Just ask Levi.

So basically, I need to stop buying different ones because he will thrust and purse, thrust and purse....until an Avent packy hits his lips.

There are many a names for pacifiers. Paci, Binky (I don't like that one, no offense), Plug (that just sounds mean), Nuk, Chewy, personal favorite: Packy Wacky. (Or Packy for short)

For some strange and unknown reason, my brother and I called our pacifiers Packy Wacky's. I loved mine. Dad says I would call out to it, as if it were my pet and would come running. "Packy Waaaaaacky!"

I was very attached to my Packy. My parents finally got me to let go of it by giving it to our family dog. He carried it around in his mouth for a few minutes and then buried it. Sad day for Whitney. Happy day for Sparky.

It's so funny when Levi is asleep in his bed or bassinet and I am near by. I always know when he is completely OUT because I hear a loud thud as his packy falls from his mouth and hits the mattress. It makes me laugh every single time. I don't know why it's so funny, but it just is. He makes me laugh a lot, though. The other day he was laughing at me and then decided to cry and he was literally smiling while crying. It was hands down the funniest thing he's done. Poor Lamb. It was sad and funny at the same time.

That was totally off the subject, but whatevs.

Packy Wackys can totally be a lifesaver. Sometimes, he wants nothing more but to suck. It's funny how babies like to do that. Personally, I think it would drive me crazy, but then again, I'm not 3 months old. What do I know? I mean, I wouldn't drink that Enfamil if someone paid me. Poor guy, he's probably dying to eat something else.

I'm thinking of getting him a personalized Packy Wacky because they are just too cute. But what if I do and then tomorrow he decides he hates them? Hmmm. What to do, what to do.

Babies are so unpredictable.
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  1. This is hilarious! Too cute. Cub now sucks this thumb, which I know has it's own group of haters, but I sucked my thumb and I'm okay ... bah oh well.

    And I would totally color coordinate the paci straps, too. :)

  2. Anna, a little girl I used to babysit (she's in college now and I'm still in my 20's hmm :) called her paci a "wa dee dee"!

  3. Do you have any personalized Packy clips? They are fun way to spruce up a Packy Wacky. I made a few you can check out here:

  4. Oh that is too funny! Delilah is only 2 weeks old but she's already pretty fond of her paci. The only problem is that I can't attach any of her cute paci clips to the kind she likes (Soothies) because of how they're made! I'm bummed about that.

  5. I like your name for the pacifier! So cute!

  6. Oh My gosh! My son does that! He calls out to his binky as he calls it he walks around the hosue yelling "BIIIINK!" We started weening him off of it and he only gets it at night so he yells for it like a lost dog or something so cute.

  7. A LONG time ago....Binky was a brand name of a pacifier. That's were the name comes from and why we used it when the kids were little... Binky's were made of all brown rubber stuff and after a month or so of vigorous use they would get really gummy and everything would stick to them.. fuzz, thread, hair. They were horrible things but that's all the girls would take.
    Funny story... I was making my daughters bed and found a binky under her pillow. She was 10. When she got home from school I asked her about it and she said she "found it in her cousins toybox and it was sad" so she brought it home with her. She had been using it everynight at bedtime... I made her throw it away...

  8. Funny! I think I would coordinate the paci straps too!!

  9. ohmygoodness get a personalized one, and if he decides he doesn't like it anymore... use it as an accessory!! you still have all those fun packy clips... i would just use them. i mean, he's just chillin in his carseat, his crib or in his mamas arms, right? not like it'll get in the way :) pacifiers are a gift from heaven, honestly!

  10. This is great! I didn't even realize there were SO many different types until a few weeks ago! Glad he found his!

  11. I have 5 week old twin girls. My husband and I were DEAD set against a pacifier until we realize how well they work!! Our girls only take the AVENT pacifier as well! Love the post!

  12. Beanie is a binky baby. (Sorry, I know you hate that word) When he was about 5 minutes old, he was crying and one of the OB nurses plugged him up with a binky before I could say yes or no. He sucked that puppy dry. He has been in love with his binky since. And I did just like you did. I bought all these adorable binkies, but he only takes a Nuk. That's it. Nothing else. Only a Nuk will do. I was worried because they were so boring looking - what would his friends at daycare think of such a boring blue Nuk? But then they came out with a "fashion line" of dinosaurs and whales. I guess that's as good as mine get.

    BUT THEN the ladies at this daycare WROTE HIS NAME across all of his binkies one day!!! I mean, I know they have to distinguish them, but now he's got this giant name tag on his mouth.

    Wow! I'm writing a lot about binkies. But they are SO IMPORTANT these days!! :)

  13. We loved the paci in our house. I did get the personalized ones and They were great, there was never a question about who it belonged to. I never needed to label them either!

  14. Great post! I go back and forth between what I call his, "paci, binkie, lolly, that thing!" Alex has only ever had his at night though, until his recent teething (tooth #5) has him in tremendous pain and it soothes him. I hope after that though, that we can go back to night only :-)

  15. is amazing how many names such a tiny thing can have..I call them Nuks. :)

  16. We use them too. We call them Binkies, but I'm not sure why that one stuck. Maybe that's what one of the nurses in the hospital called it and it stuck? Either way, I'll never forget them wheeling Bubba into my room and he had this GINORMOUS teal Soothie that took up a good portion of his face. It was SO CUTE.

    As for the people who don't like them - well, all I needed to know was that babies who take a pacifier have a lower risk of sids, and I was sold. People don't like it - they can suck it. HA!

  17. Jack doesn't like the avent ones. He prefers the soothies, which I don't like, cause they aren't cute! hehe.

  18. That is such a cute name!! My sister used to call hers bink and walk around the house calling it (like you)like she was looking for her pet, "Bink, where are you?". It was too cute. She also managed to put it in the corner of her mouth and talk out of the other side of her mouth. It was hysterical!!

  19. We always called them a "suckie" and my oldest had his til he was way over 2 years old. Every attempt to separate the two was a disaster. We finally got rid of the suckie because the winter after he turned 2, his lip got REALLY sore and we blamed it on the moisture behind the suckie. We convinced him that if he got rid of it, that his lip would get better and so he tossed it.

    The other boys really weren't over-attached. Strange how some kids love 'em and others could care less.


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