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Just when you thought you were in the clear...

When I talked to my Doctor's office on Tuesday morning and spoke with the nurse, I assumed everything was okay since I had no symptoms or signs of anything going wrong.

So you can imagine my surprise when at my desk Wednesday morning at work, I received a phone call and was ordered by my doctor to head to the hospital to Labor & Delivery to have an NST.

An NST? I told her I didn't know what that was and the nurse didn't explain it very well. She just said "it doesn't hurt and you'll need to drink a lot of water." Hmmm. I scribbled it on a piece of paper and flew out the door as she told me she was telling L&D I was on my way.

Husby had HIS LAST FINAL OF HIS ENTIRE LIFE (Scream & Cheer with me here, please!!! This is AMAZING to a Med Students wife! Now on to rotations! Wooo hoooo!!!), at one, and I got the call at 11, so I called him and told him what was up. Then I texted Mom and told her and she just happened to be up here (in my town) and said she would meet me there. Phew. Talk about Providence. I was very nervous about going alone and God just so happened to place my Mom up here at the perfect time. Amazing.

We pulled into the parking lot at the same time and headed in. I wasn't sure what to expect since I have never in my life heard of an NST, so I was pretty anxious. The sweet nurse ushered me back to a room where she hooked little paddles all over my tummy and made me lay on my left side. Turns out, NST means "Non Stress Test" and they monitored little Levi's heart rate and movement. For. Three. Hours.

As the nurse hooked me up and slathered me with jelly, she asked if I was having a boy or a girl. I told her a boy and beamed with a smile. She smiled back and acted as if that was the greatest news she had heard all day.

Except....I think it was one of those times when you ask something and don't listen for the answer.

Because from there on out she kept calling Levi a "she" over and over and over and over. I glanced at Mom and she gave me a smirk. I didn't know what to say - I didn't want to correct her. Why? Who knows. I just didn't.

"She's really moving!" "Oops, she got away from me!" "Where did she go?" "Oh, there she is!" "She didn't like that too much!"

She. She. She.

If she said it once, she said it a million times.

Then, I am so ashamed to admit, I made the mistake of mistakes. The nurse made a funny face as she was adjusting the monitors on my tummy, and I said, "Woah, she's really kickin' now!!"


I called my SON a SHE! And I totally did NOT mean to! As I laid on my left side like a beached whale on the hopsital bed, all I could see was my Mom. The only chair in the whole room was right next to me and she was sitting in it. I looked at her with a funny look on my face and she burst into laughter. She knew EXACTLY what I was thinking. "WHY DID I JUST CALL LEVI A SHE?????" When she started laughing, I started laughing.

And couldn't stop.

The nurse looked at us as if we were from another planet and I said something ridiculous like "Mom, quit trying to read that monitor! Like you know what you're looking at!" in between laughs. Mom started playing with her phone and tried to avoid eye contact with me, but I'm telling you, I could NOT stop laughing. And it's not like I could look at anything else besides Mom - she was the only thing between me and a wall and I was confined to my left side.

And every time she grinned, I lost it.

Mom tried to save the day by saying "Oh that Whitney - once she starts laughing, she can't stop!"

I still think the nurse thought we were laughing at her, poor girl.

I could not believe that after 9 months of calling Levi a HE (even before knowing what he was), that 5 minutes with a nurse calling him a she could make me, his MOTHER call him a she! I was dumbfounded. What kind of Mom do I think I am?! My goodness!

I finally composed myself after she asked a series of questions about my health condition. And then when she left the room, we lost it again.

After an hour and a half of testing, she came back in and I'll be darned if Mom didn't say, "Is she doing okay?"

WHAT ON EARTH WAS HAPPENING?!? This nurse completely brain washed us into thinking my little boy was a SHE! Luckily, there was no ultrasound involved, so the nurse didn't think we were complete nut cases!

Needless to say, it was a funny day in Labor and Delivery. They ended up monitoring me for three whole hours and I made them unhook me once so that I could go to the bathroom - and because my entire left side went numb. It is torture laying on one side like that for so long. Gracious. I don't recommend it.

I was so happy Mom was there to pass the time away with me. Or else, I would have been hooked up to a monitor in a hospital bed all by myself, giggling the day away.

And, Levi is fine and dandy. They gave me some things to watch out for but his activity was great (especially after they tasered the poor baby with a jolting thing - he hated that) and his heart rate was right on target, so all is well for my little boy. Praise the Lord!

BOY oh BOY - what a day!
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Oh this is so funny! lol. What would really funny is of that same nurse helped you deliver her- i mean him. ;)

  2. I can totally picture this! With my second daughter, we went for ultrasound and we had written everywhere, we did NOT want to know the sex of the baby. Not a peek. Not a whisper. Not a hint.
    Then, we left and my husband was bouncing along being silly, and I said "what is UP with you?" and he said "I know what we are having!!" and I said "no you don't" and he explained that the tech had said "she's so strong, what a little wonderwoman" and I had never heard it, so I didn't believe him. But sure enough, we got our little wonderwoman!

  3. LOL! That's hilarious! I can just picture that whole scenario playing out--too funny!

    I'm glad everything is okay with little Levi!

  4. Hi there! You have such a cute blog! I found it through Kebi at Hanging By a Thread. Hope you don't mind if I follow along!

  5. That is too funny! My husband always says, "don't correct people." I wonder if he would have this time....or would we be having a girl, too! :D I'm glad your tests went great!


  6. Oh goodness. Just wait till you have two and you can't remember who is who. I mix up my girls names all the time and it just makes me feel horrible. I mean, I only have two!

    I'm so glad Levi is doing well. Your OB seems very on top of things to call you in from work. That's awesome!

  7. Oh, I was so scared reading this! Thank goodness HE'S ok! :)

  8. i'm glad she... i mean he... is doing great! hilarious! you poor thing. i'm the same way. once i start laughing i'm not going to stop.

  9. BOY, what a mess!!
    You sound like me, I got in to a few laughing fits when I was pregnant (I still do as a matter of fact). Funny story for you and your mom to share, glad SHE was there with you to check on the little MAN!!

  10. ha! that is hilarious! very funny :) i can just imagine you guys in that uncontrollable giggling stage! my mom and sis's and i have been there plenty of times :)

  11. LOL. Glad your mom could be there with you!

  12. So funny! I could totally see that happening, you probably gave the nurse a complex!

  13. So, she's really okay?
    haha!!! Just kidding! I'm so glad your mom happened to be in town. What a God thing!

  14. So funny! For what it is worth, my mother-in-law hardly ever calls Jonathan and Todd by the right name! And Jon is almost 30 years old!

  15. Oh Whitney ~ that is too funny! Glad everything checked out with HIM A-OK!!!


  16. How funny! I'm just really glad you are both okay.

  17. I am soo glad everything is ok with levi! U and your mom have a grear relationship! u are lucky to have eachother:)

  18. that is crazy!!! why would she keep saying "SHE"...maybe to take your mind of anything else?? haha I don't know but I probably would have started saying she too..too funny and once again..glad your lil GUY is okay :)

  19. that's hilarious - but I'm confused - why did they need to do that test?

  20. Hahaha! You are so cute! Glad Levi is doing well and CONGRATS on your hubs being done with finals FOREVER! Woohoo!

  21. Well I'm glad she...I mean HE is okay!

  22. You better hope Levi comes out with his wee bits after you guys were mocking him so :)

  23. Glad you and your little man are okay. :)

  24. Maybe God is preparing you for a girl! You know, like Amber & Kenny. :)

  25. oh man. at least your mom couldnt get close enough to you to poke you in the side like she does during awkward moments. i love can't help but laugh moments!

  26. I am laughing so hard at your story. I can totally see this happening and often have had a similar experience in doctors offices.


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