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Impressing the Hubster.

Throughout our relationship, Husby has been fascinated by my femininity. He knows that I do not have the slightest idea how sports work, I hate the smell of outside and it absolutely baffles me when girls don’t wear makeup.

Those are just a few things that encompass my feminine ways.

Husby grew up with a family of girls who l-o-v-e sports, so I think that is why I intrigued him so much, initially. I never wanted anything to do with playing, watching or talking about sports (though I cheered for 6 years – ironic, huh?), and I believe in my heart of hearts that Husby thought I came from a different planet. I am definitely not what he was used to.

Imagine his surprise when I won the March Madness pool last year simply by picking the teams with the cutest team colors. I do believe that was the proudest moment of his life.

I often try to impress him by spouting off something I heard on Good Morning America about sports, or something I read in a tabloid magazine. It gives me such joy to see him erupt into laughter and say, “HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?!” I never reveal how I actually know the information. I just smile and say, “I keep up.”

A few years ago over dinner, Husby said, “Okay, I’m going to quiz you. I am going to ask you to name ONE football player – past or present.”

“That’s easy,” I said. “Joe Nameth.”

He burst into laughter and asked how I knew about Joe Nameth. I smiled coyly and said, “Husby, seriously. Who doesn’t know Joe Nameth?”

I scarfed down my dinner with a beaming smile, knowing that I impressed my husband who doubted my sports knowledge. He smiled, too – shaking his head and laughing at my response.

Fast forward about a year.

We were flipping through the channels and happened to catch an episode of one of my favorite shows of all time – The Brady Bunch. I made Husby stop there so I could watch. He half heartedly watched too as he read a magazine. The Brady kids were out playing football in the yard, when a big burly man tossed them a ball.

“JOE NAMETH”, Peter screamed.

Immediately, I dove for the remote trying with all my might to change the channel.

Husby peered from over his magazine and looked at the screen.

Then he looked at me.
I looked hesitantly his way and pretended I needed something in the next room, so off I went – sprinting out of there as fast as I could.

“WAIT A MINUTE”, he called after me. “WHITNEY! THAT’S how you knew about Joe Nameth!! From the BRADY BUNCH!”

I burst into laughter and fessed up. I think I went down about 300 points in his book that night.

Until a more recent night, that is. About a year ago.

We were with Husby’s family and they were talking about sports. I was off in my own little world, probably thinking about lip stick, mascara and perfume. I heard them all stop talking and I asked, “what are you guys doing?”

Husby said, “Oh, we’re trying to think of this guy’s name…he plays for the Dallas Cowboys. His name totally slipped our minds”

“Oh,” I said. “The quarterback?”

“Yup”, he replied – half ignoring me.

“Tony Romo”, I projected as loudly as I could.

All three of them stopped and looked at me, jaws hanging open.

“How did YOU know that?” Husby asked.

I went on with my “oh I just know these things” bit until I accidentally let a little story slip about he and Jessica Simpson a few days later.

He was pretty appalled that the only reason I knew about Tony Romo was because he is dating Jessica, NOT that he is a great football player, but he was impressed that I remembered he was the Quarterback.

He often quizzes me on basketball players, too – and I am proud to say that I know several. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Shaquille O’Neal and Dennis Rodman. Yes, Yes, I know that they are way past their time and prime, but hey – they were still great basketball players and I am proud to say I know their names.

Oh and Eva Longoria’s husband. He plays, too.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. HAHA you crack me up!

  2. Eva Longoria-another reason that MY husband loves basketball. They always show her in the stands!

  3. I just laughed so loud reading the Brady Bunch part! Ha ha!

    I like to impress Heath with random health facts! I'll flip through his journals every now and then and try and remember something I think is impressive--then I'll spring it on him later. He'll say, "Good job, babe!" Ha ha!

  4. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying...that is hilarious! Ya know, I grew up playing sports and I had 3 brothers that were all into sports, and to this day I really have no interest in them. However, I do enjoy going to a good baseball game...but that's mostly for the hot dogs and beer.

    Husby must laugh incessantly with you around. Makes for a very happy home life, I would think.

  5. Your story about the Brady Bunch was so funny! Sounds like something I would husband is obsessed with sports, and I'm pretty girly so I could care less about them. I pretened to care, though, for his sake!

  6. Hahahaha I just love your sense of humor girl! You always give me a good laugh in the morning!

  7. You never cease to start my day with a smile. I love your shenanigans!

  8. that was hilarious. i used to be a lot like that...but over the past few years i've tried to beef up my football and basketball knowledge..just because i know how much my hubby loves it, and it makes it more fun to share that time together when i actaully have a clue as to what's going on :)

    oh yes, tony parker. the only reason i remember that is becasue we share last names :)

  9. Haha...are you my long lost sister? Because I'm pretty certain I've had those exact same conversations with my husband!

  10. lol! i swear, the only way I know anything about sports is from US Weekly too.

  11. Oh Whitney ~ you're such a riot and I love reading your posts! I guess I fit in with husby's sisters, because I absolutely love anything to do with sports. Glenn thinks I'm goofy because I know more than he does and says that I should be commentating the games instead of the guys. Oh them football players in the tight uniforms...yummmy!

    Have a good week!

  12. I am much like you- not really aware of anything sport-related. And I definitely don't leave the house without makeup!

  13. tony parker! bwahahahaha i am in the same boat as you. and i only know another player, just bc i went to high school with him! he played the 07 super bowl, and my husband was quite surprised when i proudly proclaimed his name as he was punting. heh. it's always fun to spice it up, you know? keep em on their toes :)

  14. How funny, love the Brady Bunch story.

    I also only know about Tony Romo b/c of Jessica Simpson. I'm not into sports at all.

  15. this post is soo me:) In high school my parents asked at dinner one night.. emily how do they start a basketball game and I said.. A coin toss of course.. whoops... I mean a jump ball.. they have told ryan that story a million times.. I know lots of althetics.. the ones who are in my us weekly:) Cant wait for levis reveal of his room:) I am not sure what theme I will do yet for Cates but I know I want a chandy:) Do you know anywhere to get cute ones? My wedding colors were pink and green adn I may do her bedding in that:) Oh fun:)

  16. That is SO funny, because that is the only way I know about Joe Nameth too. I KNEW you were going to say it was from The Brady Bunch!!

  17. haha i'm also cracking up on winning the pool just by picking cute colors! that is so funny! =)

  18. That's so funny and I can totally relate! I grew up in a family that never followed any sports. The closest we got to following a sport was bodybuilding because of my brother. When my bf talks to me about sports I think he really believes i'm listening and retaining the info but I'm never really paying attention. lol

  19. This post was hilarious!!! I was smiling the whole way through it. That's exactly how I remember sports facts too--through gossip magazines!

  20. Hahaha, this had me rolling! I loved it! I always root for teams with the best colors too - if I'm ever forced to watch sports that is. The Brady Bunch thing cracked me up for real - hilarious!

    Tony Parker - Eva Longoria's husband. Since I'm in San Antonio I HAVE to know these things or super fans will hurt me for not having any Spurs knowledge.

    YOu two together are so much fun. (o:

  21. i'm the SAME way! i'm so clueless when it comes to sports and who's who.

  22. Is it our fault their precious football players cross over into our worlds of tabloids and famous ttv sitcoms..i think not. :)

    good job girl! : )

  23. So cute! Thanks for the giggle :-)

  24. Love it - a couple years ago I had Joe Montana on a flight - talk about hot! I may not know alot about football but I will always remember him.
    I gave you an award on my blog - Thank you for sharing your life and levi - it has been so nice to read

  25. I've always been "into" sports & then I got married & it kinda went family is impressed when I know the names too - I used to be able to name entire teams & numbers...don't know what happened :-) I have a TERRIBLE memory though, so maybe THAT'S what happened.

    Funny about the brady bunch!!

  26. At least you pay attention! Never know when you need to know those things! Impressive! I wonder if Levi will love sports??

  27. That Brady Bunch story is priceless. Love it!

  28. LOL Love it. I do the exact same thing. All my sports knowledge comes from what I have mistakenly gleaned from the newspaper headlines or because some big celeb was just in some sort of a smack down! Very cute

  29. HAHA I LOVE YOUR POST! That definitely sounds like me with my DH and my students at school. I always try to keep up on the latest gossip with the young celebs and impress the 4th graders on what I know!!

  30. Loved this post! I always say opposites attract! It keeps things interesting!!

  31. OMG - girl, you have me ROLLING!!! I told my husband about your team colors strategy and he said that's just always the way - it's team colors, or best mascot, or cutest quarterback. Then the guys get all mad.

  32. you crack me up!!

    and i'm so the opposite.. i know a ridiculous amount of sports trivia. I'm a huge sports fan. so tell me how i ended up with a hubby that could care less!!


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