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Lions and Tigers and Mannequins - OH MY!

What is it about statues, mannequins and oversized stuffed animals that beckon our pose for a picture? I have found that I can not pass up walking next to one without the typical photo op.

Mannequins creep me out. I mean, seriously. They are scary. I feel like they come to life at night. I think they watch me as I walk by. Sometimes, I stare at them, look away, and then look back real quick to see if I can catch their eyes moving. Yes, I am a freak. But I'm a freak that's totally weirded out by mannequins.

One of my worst nightmares is being locked in and trapped in a department store overnight. I fear they will forget about me, shut off all the lights, and leave me completely alone with the mannequins. Oh, I would die. Can you imagine one of those things chasing you?! Oh gosh.

I can't even think about it.

Anyway, I got to thinking about how scary statues and such are, so I rounded up a few pictures of me with some. This proves that I am a sucker for a photo op. No denial here! But if you notice, I never take a picture with them at night. It just increases the chances of them strangling me if I get too close.

Here is a collection of me with some statues over the past few years....

Once, on our Honeymoon, a tiger bit my head.

It wasn't very nice of him. But Husby found a statue in a dark cave we were exploring. The same cave that I became super claustrophobic in and was near tears.

Husby tends to pose like whatever statue he is near.


He is a silly.

I need to stay away from animal statues. Some bite me and some claw at my head while claiming innocence with a "fresh fudge" sign. Sneaky.

Moose are safe friends, though. They do nothing but love and protect. See?

I nicknamed this nice moose, "Morris Bullwinkle".

Occasionally, I will find a statue I am particularly fond of, and I can't hide my affection.

And then are the times where they are so realistic, that I jump in to help!

None of the above statues frightened me, but one however, scares me very much.

This mannequin resides in Plymouth, MA., and while vacationing there, my brother pointed out that he found my "mannequin twin". My mannetwin, if you will. I met eyes with the mannequin and my heart stopped. We do look a LOT alike....what do you think?

I would hate to come across her in the middle of the night. She terrifies me.
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  1. Great Post! You are much prettier than your Mannetwin! She does look like you though. That's crazy!

  2. I love it and I swear I have a picture in front of that same bear.

  3. Are you guys on Fall Break this week?

    Mannetwin! That is hilarious. You do look alot alike..

    It is to funny how your man acts like the statue.. to fun.

    While, I enjoyed them all.. I am thinking the head in the lion is my favorite.. You are to fun.

  4. I think you watched too much of "Todays Special" when you were little. Remember it WAS in a department store at night and the guy manniquin came to life. It was a great kid program, much better than sesame street

    and I agree that you have a mannetwin there!

  5. Wow, I would never pf thought it possible to have a twin of that sort. That is cute... but scary all at the same time.

  6. Never read the book Secrets of the Shopping Mall then!! It's about two kids that run away from home and hide under the beds in a department store so they can stay there after it has closed and then the mannequins like take them hostage. . . .
    Other than it will creep you out, it's really good!

  7. You have so many pictures with statues & the sorts, & I don't have one that I can think of...
    I feel the same way about dolls & such as you do about mannequins. I used to walk out of my room & run back in to see if they were alive. I think it stems from watching Chucky as a young child, what was my aunt thinking letting us watch that?! It was a very traumatic time in my childhood after that movie :-)

  8. Oh My! You do look like your mannetwin... totally freaky... you ever see the episode of the Twilight Zone where the lady is a mannequin, but doesn't know it? (The After Hours) She is trapped in the store and chased down (slow mannequin style) by the mannequins. Totally freaky!

  9. Yet another thing I did not know about you-your mannequin phobia. I like the fresh fudge bear picture. I love that you have a collection of pictures with statues and mannequins. Too funny.

  10. those are great! my hubby and i do that too :)

  11. I have to say the one with your head in the lion is my favorite. You guys look like you have a lot of fun!

  12. You are really funny. I like the tiger picture. And your mannetwin really does look like you! Weird. She might scare me, too.


  13. That's freaky. I hope I never find my mannetwin.

  14. I'm a sucker for a good photo op. I will do the same thing as you and pose with statues making some crazy face to create a funny picture. I'm a ham.

    But who likes boring pictures anyway?

  15. You are so silly! I hope you don't have nightmares tongight about your mannetwin! It is creepy how closely you resemble each other!

  16. You are funny. That last manniquin has a stricking resemblence to a certain someone!

  17. I love the pics...they crack me up. Most people would just smile and I love the way you and husby get in the action with your poses!!

  18. Those pictures are GREAT!! These are the ones you'll laugh about years to come, like when your in your 60's and have those random comments that come up from "grandchildren, or children" that ask "So what were you like when you were younger" or " what did you do for fun?"

    These was a great post!!

  19. You.are.adorable.
    (ok so is your husband too!)

    :) Love the "mannetwin"... you do look alot alike! (you are prettier tho!)

    Hope you are feeling great! :)

  20. Too funny-I would have nightmares too-esp. finding a mannequin that looks like me!!crazy!!!

  21. these pictures are so great!!! mannequins freak me out, too!

  22. Love the pics...too funny. found your mannetwin in Plymouth, MA??? I am from MA and Plymouth is an old haunted town, they even have the first ever street(Leyden St)in the USA and no one stays there too long because of sightings and different things happening.

    So I wouldnt be surprised if she did come to life at night. Yikes!!

  23. LOL!:)

    And you know what they say, "Everybody has a mannetwin." ;)

    And just between us....Mannequins and mannetwins creep me out too.


  24. AHH your mannetwin does look like you... thats weird!

  25. You and husby are too cute! Loved the pictures!

  26. that is so strange you do totally look like that mannequin! freaky!

  27. Mannetwin, love it! Have you seen the movie "Mannequin"? Kind of creepy as well. Maybe you are right. Maybe they DO come to life! ;)

  28. You are hilarious!

    Remember that Mannequin movie where they came to life? I thought that was a horror movie when I was a kid. They freak me out - especially the old time ones where they really tried to make them look human instead of just having nice bodies with no face like they do today - well, they have a face - just no color or granny makeup!

  29. Haha - you and your mannetwin do look strangely similar.

  30. You really do look a lot alike!! But she looks a little stiffer.


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