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First OB Appointment. One to Remember.

My first OB Doctor's appointment was a week ago today. It was just as I expected - lots of poking, prodding, blood sampling and....urinating. Sorry for my crassness. But it's true. I have had to tinkle in more cups lately. Clear ones, pink ones, white ones - ugh. My favorite are the pink ones. My least favorite? The clear. Ew.

Enough tinkle talk.

I sat and chatted with my nurse for a while, and she gave me the run down on what's going to happen to my body and to Baby Lovie over the course of the next 8 months. She told me do's; she told me don't's. And she weighed me. That did not make me happy. Especially since they're scales HAVE to be about 15 pounds off. ;)

The nurse is just the sweetest lady. Turns out she grew up going to Church camp with Husby's dad! Small world, I tell ya.

On my way out, as I was near fainting from all the liquids that they drained from my body, my nurse gave me a sack full of prenatal vitamins. She wants me to sample them all so that I can get a feel for what works best for me.

Oh. My. Word. Must I have SO many options?! I was expecting two, maybe three options - not an entire sack full. Wow. No one on planet earth should have this many options for prenatal vitamins. Or for anything else for that matter. I thought to myself, "where do I even start?"

Guess how I decided?

Why - I chose the prettiest color, of course.

Pink! Aren't they so pretty? All pills should be pink.

Oh, wait. Maybe I like these better, because the package is cute:

Aw. I wonder if Baby Lovie really looks like that in my tummy? If they do an ultrasound and a little big-headed cartoon baby is waving at me, I might just have a heart attack and die. Especially if he's wearing a diaper.

And then my eyes wandered over to THIS package and I thought maybe IT was a better choice.

Decisions, decisions. After reading the ins and outs of each vitamin and reading all of the fine print, I decided I was done with this!

So I threw them on the floor and decided I would stick with the vitamins that my dad, the pharmacist, gave me. Father know best, after all!

After I got over the prenatal dilemma, I opened up my informational packet the Doc gave me.

And was instantly relieved to see this:

I won't!? You mean, this ENDS? Well that is certainly good to know. I'm glad someone cleared that up for me. I was starting to worry...

This packet was made to answer all kinds of questions about the journey-o-pregnancy/delivery.

It was also made to relieve and satisfy any doubts and fears of a first time expecting mother.

Guess what?

It. Scared. The. Liver. Out. Of. Me.

Especially when I read things like this:

The WHAT!? Ican'tdothis.Ican'tdothis.Ican'tdothis.Ican'tdothis.

And then I saw this:


After I picked myself up off the floor, next to the vitamins that I had thrown there previously, I saw a glimmer of hope hidden between all the scary words that were jumping off the pages and attacking me.

And it was this: (the second word, guys - NOT the first!)

The angels sang and the heavens opened. I knew then and there that I can make it by the grace of my living God and my fabulous epidural. Praise God for the man who invented the epidural.

Okay, so I got through my first official OB appointment with only a few panic moments and entirely more vitamins than any human should need.

Maybe I CAN do this. As long as Baby Lovie remains a human (not a cartoon) and doesn't decide to descend his fetal head any time soon.
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  1. Yes, I ahve one word for you...EPIDURAL.

  2. you are by far the cutest pregnant woman!!!

    this post cracked me up, and i'm sure i'll be just as neurotic as you are right now.

    :) love being a part of your journey!


  3. I'm still laughing!

    Poor thing - why can't they just give you the simple ins-and-outs and let you live in peace for a few more months (rather than sending you so soon into the panic and anxiety stage)?

    Whatever you do, DON'T start reading birth and labor statistics - there are some things we just shouldn't know!

  4. Wow, it sounds like you have a great OB!! and you can soo do it! You'll be great!!!

  5. LOL You are too funny!!! I would so be the same way... I can't think about all the pain and the bad stuff the can come along w/ pregnancy, I just have to focus on the good stuff and of course that is what excites me!

    I am so glad to know you get a packet of info. I always worry that I don't know enough and how I am going to find out. I wonder if they give an instruction manual when the baby is born too? haha

  6. You are a complete crack up!!! If a cartoon baby with a big head shows up on your sonogram - run for the hills! And those prenatal vitamins - I know they didn't have that many choices when I was pregnant. Holy cow!!!!

  7. Ah, the first pregnancy! I remember how EXCITING yet overwhelming it all was. Then, before you know it, the beautiful baby is here and you forget everything else. I can't wait to go on your pregnancy journey with you through your blog!

  8. That is so strange! I didn't even know there were that many kinds of prenatals! I just bought a gigantic bottle from walmart and settled with that!
    I'm seriously thinking the epidural way also....I mean why not?!

  9. I heart EPIDURALS. ;) Shannon and I were both very excited both times that I got mine.

    Sweet, sweet relief they are.....

    Shannon says they changed me from demonic to angelic. *sigh*

    But the enema...not so much.;)

  10. Funny post. You make everything sound like an adventure. I've had three babies and one epidural. That was with the last one. If it had been with the first one it would have still been my last epidural. I hated it. Just my opinion.

  11. Good grief! Look at all of those vitamins! I think you made the right choice to stick with what your Dad gave you...

    You'll handle it all perfectly and then you'll be a wonderful mommy!

  12. Just know, ALL the things you will read between now and the time of delivery, WILL BE LOST!! You won't remember a thing, including the Lamaze classes I'm sure you and husby will take!! I'm just saying. ;-) EVERY pregnancy is different. EVERY woman is different! YOU WILL BE JUST FINE. I have Faith as well as our good Lord up above. Why do you think he gives us this blessing?
    Can't wait to continue your journey with you! Have a Blessed Day!!!!!!! ;-)

  13. Oh, the joys of a first really is fun! I know it's all new and a little scary, but its exciting! My old doctor was Dr. Tran at the office you go to and I loved her! My insurance doesn't cover her now, which is so disappointing. I've heard all the doctors in that office are good, too. Enjoy all this excitement! -Dana

  14. Your perspective and your sense of humor about this process are entertaining and make your posts incredibly enjoyable to read. It's going to be great, as a new reader of your blog, to read about your pregnancy journey and all that comes with it... Maybe I'll find some insight for when it's finally my turn!

  15. God designed your body to do this, Whit! And it's quite doable without an epidural. I have great prenatals that you can get for under 20 bucks on Amazon (they even ship them automatically for you) that I can show you if you're interested.

  16. Seriously-enema AND epidural!!!!!
    (I won't write it-just ask someone why...)

  17. Love the post! You will do great. Just enjoy this time the best that you can! :)

  18. I remember watching the delivery video in the lamaze class. Many of the other expectant moms were more relaxed and excited after seeing it. I remember telling my husband there had to be an easier way to get that thing out of me.

    And I'll tell ya...if it were as bad as I'd thought it'd be, I probably wouldn't have done it three times. ;)

    In other words, you'll be fine!

  19. Just wait till you read about Episiotomy's. One word Ouch!! I agree about the epidural. I thought I would try a natural child birth with no drugs, but after being up for 29 hours I gave in and got the drugs to get some rest. a couple if hours later my girl was born after two long hours of pushing. Some words of wisdom. Let the drugs wear off a little cause once I could feel a little bit more it was easier for me at least to push the baby out. Good luck with picking the Pre-natal vitamins. I am still on Natal care plus for breastfeeding.

  20. Best piece of advice my mother gave me during my first pregnancy: "this is your journey, do it your way and don't let anyone interfere with it - including me." It is an exciting journey, filled with wonderful surprises and sometimes not so wonderful surprises, I hope you enjoy every minute of it.

  21. Yes of course you can do it!!! I have faith in you and can't wait to follow you on your journey, I feel like I know the kid already :)

  22. You can do it!!!! I have to admit, as much as I want a baby so badly it hurts some days, hearing my friends who are new moms talk freaks me out. I mean, mucus plugs, membranes, hemorrhaging...ew! I am so not ready haha.

    But, you are! You can do this and having that precious baby in your arms is going to make it all worthwhile. Especially once you have that epidural :)

  23. You are so funny! And such a cute pregnant lady!!!

  24. You can do this!! But I see why you freaked for a second. You had me freaking over here too :) Everything will be great... I am glad you are blogging on your jouney to parenthood :)

  25. LOL! :) Personally, I was always nervous about the little door where you put the tinkle cup after you've filled it. In my OB's office, it was IN the bathroom - I could just imagine someone on the other side accidentally bumping my side of the door too hard and opening it while I was still *ahem* filling the cup. Made it hard to finish the job, you know?

    Labor and delivery is a cinch. Well, you might not feel like it in the throes of it all, but just wait 'til you've got that precious Baby Lovie in your arms for the first time. Oh, that is absolute Heaven, my friend.

    Thanks for letting us tag along!

  26. You are totally hilarious. I totally support epidurals! I hadn't wanted one with my first baby, but was in the worst pain in my life, so I gave into my husband's pleading. Best thing I ever did.

  27. I have never been able to pee in a cup without tinkling on my hand. I hate it with a passion. Take blood from me any time you want, but don't hand me a cup to pee in. I can't do it.

  28. That is a ridiculous amount of vitamins! I'm watching some baby show on TLC right now and the little baby is so precious! I just know that you are going to have the sweetest, cutest little baby ever!!

  29. My prenatals came from Target and Caleb turned out just fine. Nice assortment, though! Wow! And don't let words like "effacement" and "descent of fetal head" freak you out. If you have an epidural, you won't even really know what's going on.

    Until you push. Then you'll know. And I pray it won't last 3 hours for you. :)

    You'll be fine. And enjoy pregnancy! It really is amazing (and be glad you're doing it during the winter!)!

  30. You can do it! You will be amazing and just remember your body is amazing and will markable things at delivery time!

    Man-o-man, lot's of prenatal vitamins.

  31. I loved your post, it made me laugh, and scream in terror too! So many pills! I would have a heart attack too!

    And it's a good thing I read your post because I thought that once you got pregnant, that was it, you'd be stuck prego for the rest of your life! Now that I know it doesn't last forever, maybe I'll try it out :)

  32. ha ha ha!! I took the Prima One in the ORange box. They were the ONLY ones that didn't hurt my tummy the whole pregnancy. Every other vitamin made me barf. I am still taking them actually.

    And PRAISE THE LORD for Epidurals. Amen.

  33. Yikes! You know, a lot in our lives are the same right now with all of these medical decisions! I'll be praying for you. How are you feeling?

  34.'re a riot Whitney! Yes, have the's the best thing on this earth!!!

    Thank you so much for including us in your journey with Baby Lovie..for me, it brings back so many memories...not always good!!!


  35. oh just gets more and more exciting...

  36. Haha I just got your comment on my blog! That was my reaction EXACTLY! I was like "dear friend, I love you, but please never ever say that again!" :)

  37. Perfect post - so true and funny ;) If I can do this for a third time... you'll be fine!

  38. After I got my epidural with Jonah, I just remember saying over and over again "I love epidurals."

    You will too.

  39. Ah, thanks for telling me what I have to look forward to :)

  40. Ha! I love the way you write. It makes me feel like I'm in the room with you going through things at the same time.

    First of all you can do this, delivery and all. I have faith in you.

    Second, who knew there were so many options in pre-natal vitamins? My goodness!

    And thank god you can't stay pregnant forever! Kudos to whoever wrote that little gem.

  41. Hi! I'm not sure if I've congratulated you on your pregnancy yet. Congrats!!! Yea!

  42. Did they do an ultrasound? I wanna see pics!! So one fear you can put to ease--baby lovie didn't magically disappear! Are you still getting sick a lot?

  43. hilarious! i read "enema" and thought, "AHHHHHHHHHH!"

    we've got a big journey ahead!!!

  44. that is to fun. Someone told me not to read anything because it was overwhelming.
    I go to the same doctors office, my Doctor is Dr Summers. She is really nice.
    I have had an epidural with Zoey and didnt with Noelle and honestly I liked the recovery time with out but for my first delivery not know I think I needed the Epidural.
    your so cute
    any questions you want to ask just email me or call

  45. best thing to sliced bread!!! I had one with my last baby...made the delivery so much easier!!!

    Thank you for the post and the good laugh.

  46. I take the PrimaCare One and have been pretty happy with it. Plus, I've heard it helps with constipation...which my FRIEND said can be a common side effect in pregnancy. Not that I would know anything about something so unlady-like... But that's the word on the street.

  47. Congatulations *U*
    I saw that your dream is my job: housewife. Cool! I'm proud of it, and it is a great job. I have 4 kids, and more animals than I could count at the moment...lots to take care of, thus the handle, "The Queen of Quite Alot"

    I think it's adorable having your first baby- everything is new and exciting. Breath taking really. Enjoy every second of it!
    We have a first birth here Thursday night, but maybe not the kind you are talking about. Puppies!

  48. So much to learn! Kind of seems overwhelming, but you can do it! :)

  49. OH my word. If I can give birth you can do it because I'm a huge wimp! I love Epidurals. I had them with both Abby and recently with Ruthie. I never had any problems with mine and they made labor much more enjoyable. I think it is the only way to go. At my birth class they said it would hurt. I didn't feel it at all. By the way this is Becca (Parker-Foster).

  50. You didn't clarify... stool softener or small caplets...LOL

    Which did you prefer???

  51. Whitney, do worry AT ALL about all the icky the ninth month you will be saying...I. will. do. ANYTHING! to. have. this. baby. NOW.

    I promise you, you will say it. And then you will have a sweet little lovie in your arms.

  52. Exciting- My OB threatened to take away my books if I didn't stop reading ahead. I was practicing Braxton Hicks contractions in month four. Just relax and enjoy the ride. You're in for a fun one!

  53. You are so hysterically funny! I love this post and the High School Musical post! I'm still laughing!


  54. I know this is old...but do you remember what brand you took and how you liked them? I haven't started taking them yet-but I am totally overwhelmed! Thanks!!


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