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Good Memories

I am 25. Ten years ago, I was 15 and at the peak of my "obsession". The obsession was, in fact, a true and real obsession that went by the name of Hanson.

My two best friends and I were complete freaks when it came to them. We each liked a different ones, so it was perfect. We knew every random fact about them and memorized their every move.

(Here they are about 10 years ago)

We found out where they lived and we stalked them as often as we could. We couldn't yet drive, so we had to con other people to take us there. We trespassed and went into their treehouse, we picked up debris from their yard and stored it in ziplock bags (I found a balloon with a piece of blonde hair caught in the knot and almost fell over dead - priceless), and loitered in their driveway trying to catch a glimpse. We heard them practicing in their garage one night and yelled for them to come out (they didn't), we made friends with the neighbors who told us the inside scoop, and we randomly ran into them in the park playing frisbee on our "Senior Skip Day", years after the height of our obsession. We had many encounters with them, and literally almost died at each one. Especially when we talked to them. Oh. My. Word.

We were die hard, freak-a-zoid, nut job fans.

I loved Taylor and my best friend Amber, loved Isaac. We KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that we were to marry them. We planned it out and daydreamed about it on a daily basis. They consumed our every thought, and our every conversation. We were known in our High School as "the Hanson girls", because of our obsession. We didn't care. We were in love with them and didn't care who knew it!

Years went by, and our obsession slowly faded, though we still loved their music. We found "real boys" who captured our hearts and as we fell in love with them, Taylor and Isaac became a sweet memory of days gone by. We had the time of our lives planning up schemes to meet them (stalk them), and it created so many hilarious and fantastic memories with my best friend. Our husby's are definitely not fans of Hanson. They are crazy.

Four years ago, the night after I got engaged, we went to a concert of theirs (on my birthday) here in town and we completely re-lived our past. We danced. We screamed. We freaked out. We acted like we were 15 once again and it was absolutely fantastic. Another friend went with us and couldn't BELIEVE the way we acted. But we could not contain ourselves. She did not know, until then, the true depth of our infatuation with them. Amber was married and I was engaged, and when we probably should have acted a little more mature and civilized - we just couldn't. Something greater than ourselves came over us and we flipped.

Saturday evening, there was a concert of Hanson on TV. Amber texted me and told me, so immediately, I turned to it. I screamed. I danced. I freaked out. She did the same. We talked throughout the entire concert and were acting like teeny-bopper girls over the phone the entire night. She has a 7 month old baby, and she danced with her all night long to the fantastic tunes of Hanson.

(Them now. So lovely.)

We talked about how strange it is how all of those feelings and memories can come flooding back, simply by seeing them perform an old song. We had the best time tonight, and we will definitely be the 60 year old women going to the Hanson concert in 35 years and making complete fools of ourselves.

And it will be fantastic.

It's so much fun to have a life long best friend to share, relive and create such great memories with. We will always be die hard fans. :)

Who was it for you, that you loved as a teen and still semi-(or fully)freak out when you see?
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. That is funny!:)

    And they got better with age...Why is it that men always seem to do that?..hmmmmmm...

    I was a die hard, freak-a-zoid, nut job fan of Bryan Adams.


    I had a couple of "encounters" with him as well.

    And I saw him on one of the morning news shows the other morning, and I was transported back in time........Oh. My. Word. ;)


    God Bless,

  2. Wow! I was a Hanson fan too! I'm 24, and my love for them ended by 9th grade. I always that Devon Sawa-Casper the cartoon movie Casper with Christina Ricci, was a hottie. I had a thing for Jonathon Taylor Thomas (JTT) too!
    Aw there were so many! Brings back the memories!

    PS-I gave you an award

  3. That is SO funny! I was never a huge Hansen fan but I remember some of my friends just loving them.

    I don't think there was anyone that I was totally in love with. I did like New Kids on The Block and had a slight obsession with them... Thats all I can remember.

  4. I SO remember your obsession! Too funny.

    I would say mine was New Kids...not as wholesome as Hanson, but just as cute nonetheless. I loved Joe, because he was the youngest and the most attainable. I remember I hung a poster of him above my bed once and my mom and dad flipped!

    Thanks for the blast from the past!

    MMMBop will be in my head all day today now!

  5. I had not seen a recent picture of Hanson...they definitely look better now! (but I too thought they were super hot back then) I was in love with the Beach Boys. I have all of their songs on my itunes and make sure I play through them on road trips. I like driving alone so that I can blast it & sing along. I am not sure who blasts Beach Boys..but I am sure to be the only one.

    I was also a HUGE fan of Spice Girls

  6. Um, I was obsessed as well.... And was a little heart broken as each of them got married off... Sigh... It's probably a good thing that I was unaware that there was a Hanson concert on TV. ha!

  7. Girl, I knew I liked you! I was a die-hard Hanson fan also, and being from the same town as them ran into them a couple of times (all times I became speechless). I recently wrote a post about how I was SURE I was going to marry Taylor! :-)
    My family went to their concert on Saturday and I missed it. I was sad!
    Great post!

  8. I loved Jonathan Taylor Thomas! You know off of Tool Time or whatever that show was called. He was the cutest!

  9. i was in love with the hanson boys as well...even though i was old enough when they made it big to qualify as "stranger danger" had i ever talked to them!

    back in my day, i was hopelessy in love with joe elliott, the lead singer of def leppard. i, too, was meant to be with him and knew we were someday going to be wed.

  10. Can anyone say NSYNC?!?

    I would die if they got back together.


    *does dance from video*

  11. oh my goodness... this is so embarrassing... but...

    leonardo dicaprio!!!!

    i used to make collages with just him as the topic. tons and tons of them put all over my room. i was obsessed!! phew. i just adored him.

    too bad i never had any run-ins with him tho!!!! sigh.

    (oh and jtt. and that kid who was in the movie 'ladybugs'?? oh my word he was too cute!!)

  12. Um... NKOTB rocked -- I was in 6th grade and my dad wouldn't let me go to their concert... (can't believe they're back) --

    Take a seat for this... I've never heard of Hanson -- Cute when they were younger and I was expecting to see druggies or something in their later pic -- They are H.O.T.!!!

  13. i can't believe i'm about to admit this, but nick lachey. he had me in 98 degrees, and i still think he's dreamy nowadays. but maybe its cause i think my hubby looks kinda like him :)

  14. Um - being a bit older than most of you, I was infatuated with Jon Bon Jovi who still looks great! I also loved Mel Gibson and had to see every movie he was in. But I don't remember any super crazy crushes on celebs. I guess I was pretty down to earth. Living in the middle of Kansas, your chances of seeing real life celebrities was pretty slim. :-)

  15. i left ya a little something on my blog.... check it out!

  16. I laughed out loud when I read your blog entry! You are so funny.

    When I was a kid, not even a teen yet, my obsession was Michael Jackson. I know, I know but this was before Michal J. became a weirdo!

    I would cry everytime I watched his music videos, Every night I slept with a picture of him under my pillow and kissed it good morning when I woke up.

    I was obsessed! But like all childhood obsessions, I eventually got over it and moved on to other obsessions like New Kids On The Block!


  17. They look pretty good now. I was never really into them but I knew folks that were. It's fun to travel back like that. We are never too old for the silly stuff.

  18. My friends and I loved Hanson too. We were in college and probably the only college girls obsessed with them, but we didn't care. I saw the concert on Saturday night also and I have to say they look better than ever! And Taylor can play some kickin' harmonica!

  19. Ten years ago, I used to work as a long distance directory assistance operator - you know, "What city, please?"

    We used to always get girls calling for the Hanson boy's phone numbers. One girl I remember because she was SO proud of herself for having "inside" information...

    She knew their last names! LOL!

  20. Ahaha, I love it!

    My best friend was totally nuts for Hanson, but we both drooled over the Backstreet Boys.

    I remember when she had tickets to see them in concert with her family. I. was. so. jealous.

    Then her brother decided it wasn't "cool" and I got to go!! It was absolutely amazing...

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane! :)

  21. New Kids on the Block...ALL THE WAY!! Cannot wait for their reunion tour to hit the Northwest!

  22. Wow, those Hanson boys grew up hot! They were a little young for me when they were the "it" thing though. I was all about the New Kids on the Block, especially Jordan. I went to 3 of their concerts, had EVERY poster you could imagine all over my walls, buttons, t-shirts, you name it, I had was crazy.

  23. That is hilarious!!!

    I was never really into music/concerts (still not) so I didn't really LOVE anyone but I do remember when the Hanson's came out. :)

    Yes, Oops as in NWArkansas.

  24. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Wow! I must be way old for you all- U2, Don Johnson, and any of the guys from "The Outsiders"! My first concert was U2 and I was in heaven on earth...

  25. I'm a bit old for Hanson. My daughter was obsessed with New Kids and is going to see them next month with her best friend. I know they're going to have so much fun!

  26. You know, I find this funny because I was from a town near Tulsa, OK, where I think they were orginally from and I was not a Hanson fan at all.

    I was an NSync girl as were the rest of my friends. We all went to a concert of theirs, listened to their cd's an infinite number of times, had their videos, watched their TV specials and all chose who we would be marrying out of the group.

    Teenage girls and their crushes are hilarious!

  27. It was definately New Kids On The Block for me.. and the country singer Bryan White.

    I was in love with Jonathon Knight.. and I was a member of Bryan Whites fan

  28. Oh Whitney...that is too funny! But ya know, I'll take those Hanson boys now...yikes, they're dreamy!

    Since I'm so much older than obsession was with Bobby Sherman and Davy Jones. I had posters all over my room and I swore I was going to marry one of them...didn't care which one!

    Great post!

  29. OMG it was Duran hilarious now to think of...we were carzy over freaks!

  30. I lived in Oklahoma back then and had an obsessed friend who was always trying to see them in "their natural habitat". I was a big fan of the oldies so I didn't have those kinds of distractions, which was ok with me because I was also a book worm and a total nerd too!

    Sometimes I wonder if maybe I missed out on something.

    Does it count that when I was 10 I wanted to marry John from the New Kids On The Block? Probably not.


  31. i thought i was the only one with crazy high school friends :)

    i had 4 friends in high school who were as obsessed with *NSYNC as i was. conveniently (as with you and your friends) we all preferred a different member of the group- mine was justin timberlake :) we memorized the songs and would sing along with our "person"... spent hours on weekends watching music videos and tapes of live performances to memorize the dance moves to every song... we had it down! we could perfectly perform replicas of songs and routines! *sigh*... those were the days...

    did i mention we drove 8 hours to go to a concert? we were nuts...

  32. For me, it was Duran Duran, The Cure, and Depeche Mode. Am I revealing my age here? I was in love with Simon Le Bon, and dreamt he would take me away to Jolly Ole England. Those British accents make me melt....still.

  33. You are so funny!

    I liked New Kids on the Block, but I can't say that I was obsessed with them. I just liked them. I went thru my obsession later on in life (21-25), with: Limp Bizkit, Blink 182 and Incubus. OMG!!!! I LOVED THEM - I still do but my obsession has calmed quite a bit!

  34. Okay, this is going to show how old I am but I absolutely loved and still love Paul Newman. Hands down-the best looking actor ever to grace the screen. Watch the movie Cat On A Hot Tin ROof and tell me you don't agree. You will fall in love, too.

  35. Madonna, hands down.

    :) Great post!

  36. Perry Como. TOTALLY JUST KIDDING... (that was my mom) hee-hee. However, I think I'll still keep it to myself so as to keep my age from being revealed. LOL
    M.L. : )

  37. Oh, I have embarrassing past loves all over the place, including:
    - NKOTB (esp. Jordan and Joey)
    - Ricky Martin. Yes, seriously. I can't believe I'm writing that on the internet.

  38. who knows how i got to your site, but i HAD to comment. My friends and i were die-hard fans too!! we got teh "biggest hanson fan" award at school and even though we live in houston, we too went to their house in tulsa...i can't believe i just admitted that. AND now i'm engaged, living in dallas, and guess who's concert i went to this past weekend? :-)

  39. Oh man, thanks for posting the pics of the "brothers Hanson". I had no idea that they grew up so nicely!!

  40. Being just "a bit" older, boy bands were not "in" when I was a young girl. David Cassidy was before my time (by a few years anyway) but lots of girls (like my babysitter) had crushes on him. I was a huge Bay City Rollers fan in the 5th grade. I mean, guys in kilts. Who wouldn't? ;)

    In highschool, rock bands were all the rage (80's rock). ACDC. Aerosmith. Cheap Trick. Meatloaf. The Cars. REO Speedwagon. Styx. I *loved* all of them, especially Styx and The Cars. Def Leppard too. If the girls had a crush on anyone back then, it was Bruce Springsteen. I saw the Boss in concert, but didn't really go crazy over him. Now Don Henley...mmmm. He was another story, lol.

  41. This made me laugh and brought back so many memories. My BFF and I sad to say obsessed with Hanson as well.

    I am off to find Mmmbop on my ipod or maybe I should youtube the video for only time sakes.

  42. Hi there-I'm new here! :) I was totally obsessed with NSYNC, like I had finger nail "tattoos" with their faces, and a bracelet with one of their names on it. I still freak out a little when I see them on TV. I will yell to my husband, "He's from NSYNC!!" and start singing "Bye Bye Bye" or something. He just doesn't understand...

  43. I am and always will be HANSON OBSESSED! In fact, I listen to all their cds in my car and I am convinced I can get them to play at my wedding! And I will make the fiance try FOR SURE :) haha I don't know what it is about their music, but I LOVE IT! Always have and always will! This post made me smile :)


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