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I have decided to do a giveaway TWO times per month, so be sure and keep up with all that is going on here in my crazy little world.

This giveaway is very close to my heart, because it is in honor of one of my very best friends, Lindsey, and her battle with breast cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but I could not wait until Oct. 1, to do this giveaway, because Lindsey's surgery is tomorrow, and I wanted to make you all aware of this so that you could be in prayer for her. She is a wonderful person and such an example of Christ. She has taken this trial that she is going through and is completely blessing others and honoring God with it. It is absolutely beautiful!

Let me share with you a clip from an e-mail she sent me last week....

"My God is once again at the forefront of my mind. He is my Rock, my Physician, and my Guide. I will rest in Him alone when my soul is weary and my flesh is weak. He is constantly bringing spiritual parallels to me as I go through this journey. Last Monday, I was on my way to the hospital for yet another full day of testing. I thought, "This is just like life. I'm undergoing all of these medical tests in order to give the doctors a more clear understanding of my medical situation. Spiritually, the Lord tests us in order to give us better perspective. In both situations, the point is that we are gaining a better view of the big picture." If this increases my knowledge of the Lord, so that I might make an eternal difference, I say, "Bring on the trial!"

Isn't she amazing?

So, I would love for you all to be in prayer for my dear friend, this week. She would be eternally grateful, as will I.

Now on to the GIVEAWAY in her honor!!!


The box-o-pink gifts will include:
2 hair towels
Measuring cups
Measuring spoons
Serving spoons
Mixing spoons
Oven mitt
Sleep mask
Egg time

Do you remember my blog about the best sleep mask ever invented - well, now is your chance to win it! :)

Check out this egg timer! Love it.

These are the softest socks to ever touch your toesies.

Okay - so what do you have to do to win these fantastic items?!

We're playing the "I’ve Never" game! Name something you’ve NEVER DONE, that most people have done in their lives. For example… “I’ve never had a birthday party, or I’ve never eaten a donut, or I’ve never traveled outside of the state I was born in”…. (these are not my I’ve Never’s, merely examples!)

I will choose a winner by using, and remember, if you mention & link my giveaway to your blog, you can enter the contest TWICE!

Good luck, lovies!! :)

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I have never flown in an airplane. I am scared to death. Seriously.

    Oh, I love all this pink stuff. I love all things pink. I was just looking at pink wisk and measuring cups tonight.

    I will join with you in prayer for your dear friend. What a lovely spirit she has and such faith.

    I will also put a link from my blog to yours.. : ) Whoo Hoo for two entries. Fun. But now that I am posting this.. I am thinking the first post rarely ever wins. Oh, well if it's meant to be!

    Wow, I didn't mean to take up half your comment

  2. Big prayers for your friend!!! I have many people in my life affected by Breast Cancer that have BEAT it! She can do it!!!!

    As for your question...

    I've never changed a tire on a car. I begged the guys in my Driver's Ed class to do it for me, and now I have AAA. All that dirt, oil, grime and rubber, no thanks!!!


    p.s. this is the BEST give away! I was just drooling over all the neat pink stuff at Target today!

  3. I've never seen Steel Magnolias. I think I may lose my girly-girl card for that one!

    Your friend will be in my thoughts tomorrow.

  4. I have never eaten seafood. I don't know why but I just can't do it.

    You're doing such a wonderful thing to help raise awareness. My mom just went through this and a close friend is having the battle of her life right now so I appreciate this sincerely.


  5. Lindsey will be in my prayers!

    I've nevr flown in an airplane. I'm scared to death. I have an overactive imagination...much like you.

  6. Love your blog!

    Let's see....I have never learned how to dive....and I was a lifeguard!

    Your friend is in my thoughts and prayers....

  7. I never been to the mid-West ! It's such a bummer, I want to experience no hummity.
    I said a prayer for your friend, and her surgeon.

  8. I have never seen the movie Bambi. The pink stuff looks so fun. I want those soft socks and the sleep mask. Not that I need a sleep mask to sleep. I am one of those fortunate souls who can sleep anywhere, anytime. Pick me! Pick me!

  9. Oh, I linked to you. Put me in the hopper two times!

  10. Prayers for your friend Lindsey, she sounds like a very strong woman.

    I love the pink stuff! All of it is too cute!

    I've never gotten a pedicure and I've never eaten chili!

  11. i have never seen star wars or star trek. in fact, i don't even know which one is the movie, and which one is the tv show...

    GREAT giveaway! i hope i win!

  12. I will continue to pray for your friend. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and after surgery has been cancer free for 5 years.

    This was a a really hard question for me. I'm sure there are tons of things that I have nevr done but it is so hard to think of things on the spot. Here's what I could come up with: I have never been to New York City. I really want to go sometime, around Christmas perferably.

  13. I also linked you to my page.

    BTW, love all the pink stuff.

  14. So sad about your friend Lindsey. I had a friend that went throught the same thing earlier this year. IT is so scary! I hope everything turns out great. She sounds like a super strong Christian!
    I've never driven a stick shift car. I am an auotmatic kind of girl :)

  15. I have never seen Grey's Anatomy - I know, I know, I haven been living under ground for years... Sorry!!

    I read Lindsey's blog this weekend and was just heart broken but at the same time, my spirit was lifted to hear her perspective on the whole thing - what an amazing women!

  16. I put a link to your blog on my blog.

    For my second answer... I have NEVER liked mint or soda. The only thing mint I have ever eaten/used is toothpaste and that because I don't really have an option. I also NEVER drink soda - I dislike anything that is carbinated!

  17. Please send my prayers to your friend...

    "I never" labored with my children for more than 1 hour 20 minutes (that was my absolute longest labor at that).

  18. Love the blg, and my prayers are with your friend through her trials!

    I have a horrible I've never, horrible in relation to the post, I've never done a self-breast exam. I just don't understand it and am uncomfortable with the idea of sitting there groping myself.

  19. hmmmm, what have i never done? oh yeah, i know, i've never eaten sushi before. i think i should branch out a bit, but i think the texture would just throw me overboard....oh, speaking of overboard, i've never been on a ship before either. maybe we should take an vacation on a cruise ship to Japan, that would take care of it....

  20. I'm 26, and I've never changed a diaper. And I don't want to!
    I will def pray for your freind, as a fellow cancer survivor it always affects me when I hear about these things. I tried watching that Stand up for Cancer thing on tv a few weeks ago and I just cried through most of it and had to turn it off!

  21. You're friend is amazing and should be an example and model for any women dealing with breast cancer! With such a great outlook (and all our thoughts and prayers) I'm sure she's gonna get thru this!!

    As for the question...I've never sewed a button!! Nope, not me! If the button falls off I McGyver a solution and either stop wearing it or take it to the cleaners to be fixed!

    I don't know why, I've sewn hems back up and holes in things but never a button...

  22. Prayers for your friend!

    I have never eaten a mushroom...nope..not even tried it. The look of it makes me gag. I am sure this is something I will never eat!

    Check out the giveaway on my blog:)

  23. I've never seen the movie "Top Gun". Apparently, that's unheard of (according to my husband)

    I'll be keeping Lindsey in my prayers!

  24. I have never gone to a concert. :) Wacky, I know.

    I will keep your friend in my prayers.

  25. I really had to think about this one....I have never had macaroni & cheese....everyone else seems to have had it as a kid except for me. (It just doesnt look very tempting).

    My thoughts and prayers are with your friend. My dad is also dealing with cancer right now and I understand how hard it is to watch someone you love go through such a tough time.

  26. I have a very good friend who is a breast cancer survivor. Your friend will be in my prayers.

    I've never driven a stick shift.

  27. I will definitely be praying for her!

    I love all this giveaway!!! I have never seen the Wizard of Oz...

  28. definitely sign me up to pray for your friend...

    I have never gone job hunting...I was always recommended by family or friends to my employers who called me. Thank goodness cause I don't handle rejection well :)

  29. Hi, Whitney, thanks for stopping by & leaving a note. So nice to meet you. Aren't you adorable! And how refreshing to see you younger married girls who want to be homemakers. I love that! After working for 30 years in the corporate world myself, I'm now a housewife myself (with a little business at home)& loving it. Hope you get to stay home eventually too. It's so rewarding.

    I went back & read some of your blog & you sound like so much fun. That Hanson post had me chuckling. I'm way older than you, but I thought they were cuties too & liked their music. They sure have grown up to be handsome men.

    Come back & see me!

  30. I've never drank beer


  31. I've never been to a prom. And at 33, I'm too old. So, now I just settle for the "Ball & Auction" a fundraiser for my kids school. I make my husband get all dressed up, we dance, hang with our friends.. and this year the girls are wearing ball caps in honor of our friend, Sarah who is bald because of her chemo. Only 2 more to go! And then, she gets new boobs! We're all excited to see how they look and feel- it's ok, we're a close group! We are all about the PINK!!

  32. I'm praying for your friend!!

    Ok...I've never mowed the lawn. I grew up with brothers who were always had that on their chores list. I always had indoor chores like dusting, sweeping, doing dishes, etc.

  33. I also linked to you (and Lindsey)in my postand asked people to send her some love and keep her in their thoughts and prayers!

    You're a great friend Whitney!
    When my friends and I do the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk here in Boston on Sunday Lindsey will be in our hearts and minds, pushing us on!

  34. i just linked you on my blog, so this is my second entry!

    i have never eaten sushi. i refuse.

  35. Lindsey is in my prayers. Ok, I am changing my never to an I've only...I've only been on a date with one guy--my husby! I've never been on a real date with anyone else!

  36. I have never dived off a diving board. I am terrified. Always have been. I know how to swim but diving boards freak me out!

  37. I'm praying for your friend! The blogging community is a great way to get as many prayers as possible :)

    I've never been to New York City (I'm not sure if that's normal or not, but it seems that I am the only of my friends that has not been!)

    Oh, I'm linking to you. More links = more prayers!

  38. I've never seen The Godfather. Or Star Wars. Most people are horrified by those statements!

    I will pray for your friend!

  39. Lindsey will be in my prayers this week. What a great friend you are to be drawing attention to his fantastic cause! Breast cancer is beatable!

    As for my I have never ---- well I have never changed a tire. Or checked my oil. Or done anything on a car. I'm not as bad as my mom though - until my dad passed away she had never pumped her own gas! Even though I have always lived in Texas, my mom learned to drive in New Jersey - and Jersey girls don't pump their own gas!

  40. i have never seen "the sound of music"

  41. I've never been to NYC either, but I'm going next week!!

    I am definitely keeping Lindsey in my prayers...I left you a message via fb, could you email me her address? Hope all is well. Love the blog!

  42. I've never seen Gone With The Wind. I really want to though!

  43. I have never toilet papered a house! When I was in high school, my MOM went rolling with some old friends... but I, sadly, have never experienced it. Too edgy for me, I suppose!

  44. "I say, 'Bring on the Trial!" Wow.. That stopped me in my tracks. So often we say "why are you letting this happen to me" instead of how we should react.. Lindsey is extremely brave & my prayers will be with her.

    The giveaway is awesome. I really want that sleep mask!

    I have never shoplifted. Not even as a kid.

  45. What a sweet faith your friend has. She's in my prayers especially today.

    I've never seen E.T. No kidding. I never wanted to.

  46. I have never..........rode a wild buckin bull for eight seconds!

    Hahahhahaha, sorry not sure where that came from but it's true. I just spent a whole weekend full of bulls and football, forgive me.

    Positive thoughts and prayers to your friend!

  47. I hope Lindsey's surgery goes well today. Just said a prayer for her.

    I've never gone under water without holding my nose.

  48. Saying prayers for your friend.

    I've never mowed the yard.

  49. i love the pink stuff! my mom is a breast cancer survivor! this is so sad about lindsey, but God is in control.

    okay i've never had a dog. i particularly don't like them, therefore i've never had one!

    i hope i win!!
    lauren kucharski stewart

  50. I've never watched Pretty Woman before.. I know, it's a crime right...

    I just came upon your blog this morning, very catchy bloggy name! Caught my attention!

    This is such a great thing you are doing! Not only are you giving away a fantastic bundle of goodies, but you have spread the word to pray for your friend.. I will put her on my P-List! I will pray specifically for the doctors, a peace of mind for her, and that God will heal her!
    Love in Christ,

    ***I'll add your blog to my page and post so others will stop by and enter!

  51. I will be thiking of your friend....what a strong person she is!!

    I have never learned to sew and I sewwww (lol) want to learn...I want to make my own pretty clothes!!!

  52. I'm 27 and never had a child. I know it isn't wierd for most people, but I live in Utah so I am considered and old maid!

    My Grandma died this year of Cancer so I know how tough it is to see someone you love suffer. I will keep her in my prayers.

  53. I have never broken a bone.

    I couldnt think of anything good sorry.
    I will be praying for your friend. My cousin had breast cancer last year. She is still recovering but doing good.

  54. I have never gotten a pedicure.

    I don't have a blog, so I can't link you! :-)

    Good luck to your precious friend and she will certainly be in thought and prayer.

  55. I have never had eggs any other way than scrambled. The other options make me squirm!

    Your dear friend is in my prayers!

  56. I've never seen a snake in real life. Honest!

    Sarah M.

  57. Hi Whitney...I know, when I read Lindsey's blog, I was flabbergasted. She has such a wonderful outlook..and her faith in God will get her through this. I will pray for her daily.

    I've never been to East Coast. I so want to go to New York or Maine. Maybe one day!!!

    Take care girlfriend and thanks for doing this giveaway in Lindsey's honor!


  58. I have never been out of the country! I would love to, but I've never had the chance!!

    Praying for your friend.

  59. I've never seen Grey's Anatomy, either, or House, for that matter. I don't know what's wrong with me.

    Prayers for you & yours!

  60. Wow what a great giveaway! I will definitely keep your friend in my thoughts.

    I have never seen The Notebook. Everyone always freaks out when I saw that, but I heard that I will cry when I see it so I just don't want to cry. I will also NEVER go scuba diving. I'm not really afraid of anything except feeling trapped in creepy...

  61. I am linking you to my site!

  62. I have never seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off. My husband brought it to our marriage, but I have yet to watch it.

    If I had a blog I would link you, but I don't have one. boo.

  63. I have never flown on an airplane.

  64. What cool pink things (and a very fun idea as well). Mark me in twice. Once for the post/link and another because "I never" have been involved in an accident that required me to get stiches.

  65. I have never cooked fish. That's the first thing I could come up with. :) Isn't it so hard when our friends, that are our ages, have these crazy, life-threatening, life changing illnesses?? I have a friend who is 20 weeks prego and was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma a month ago. Doesn't make much sense to us, but God is so faithful. I know He will be glorified through your friend's journey! Have a great week! LOVE your blog.

  66. I will so be praying for your sweet friend. What an incredible woman she must be to be facing something like this and yet still such an amazing testimony of faith.

    My "I've Never" is I've never changed a tire - gone more than 2 days w/out washing my hair - smoked a cigarette - I'm sure I could think of more, that's good enough right?

    Oh, check out my blog for a link back to your post!

  67. will be praying for lindsey!

    this is an awesome giveaway, btw, and i have decided to play! lol

    i will also be giving a lot this month for breast cancer awareness month...through my mary kay business! (we actually give around 3 million thru the Mary Kay Ash Charitable foundation every year to breast cancer research!) isn't that sooooo awesome!

    i have never had braces on my teeth! :)

  68. oh, and i don't have a profile, but if i were to repost as a bulletin would that count as a double entry? i have 650 friends on would get out there...let me know!

    (this is allison wise chastain, btw from OBU)

  69. Back for my second entry! (I blogged about your giveaway)

    ---I also have never skinny dipped.

  70. I've never...worn flip-flops! Or toe socks!

    The toe socks probably won't happen, but by the end of October I'll have my new prosthesis, and I'll be buying up flip-flops like crazy! :)

  71. I have never... been to Disney World.

    I will definitely pray for Lindsey. She sounds wonderful and like such an amazing example. Thank you for sharing!

  72. I've never flown in a plane:( and i don't want What a great giveaway!!

  73. I've never takeb more than a week to plan my wedding. Seriously, I haven't. I'm much too impulsive to wait longer than that. lol

  74. Prayers and happy thoughts to your friend!!!!

    I've never...
    geeshhhhh, this i hard.
    I know I can make something up, who'd know, right?
    but I'm not a cheater,
    so I'm still thinking.


    Oh, I've got it!
    I've never... been to prom!

    How's that?!?!

  75. I have never sewed. Mr. C sews up any holes that pop up. hee hee.

    This is a great giveaway and is a great idea. My thoughts are with your friend!

  76. Your blog is so fun! I am Ty Sawyer's wife (in case you were trying to make the random connection). I saw your contest announced in your facebook status and I just have spent every break today at work reading your blog!

    I can't wait to try the pecan cheesecake.. yum!!

    I have never had anything pierced, not even my ears!!

  77. I've never had my hair styled at a salon - I've always done it myself. The exception is that I did go and have my 'pink' hair bleached to white after a recent home-dye disaster!

    I'll be praying for your friend and spreading the word because I know that my friends will want to do the same!

  78. My thoughts go out to your friend - hope she kicks that cancer to the curb.

    This is a great contest - I love pink!!

    Here's my answer:

    I've never eaten ketchup or mustard. Won't, can't do it!

  79. I just posted about the contest/giveaway. And something else I've never done...I've never attempted nature childbirth. God bless those of you who have but if God had wanted me to go natural he would have had me be born before drugs were an option. ;) lol

  80. I've never lived alone. I've always lived with someone. Even after High School and College. Then, I got married!
    I love all of the pink stuff! I hope I win! BTW, I will be sending the earrings soon...they are quite Glamorous!

  81. I linked to your contest, too!
    I will say a prayer for your friend...what a courageous woman she is. I pray that she can experience the fullness of God's grace in her life during this time.

  82. I put a post on my page describing your contest and the whys and hows, along with a prayer request for Lindsey!
    Don't know if anyone actually looks at my blog though, so I guess I'd better get to work on myspace and facebook and start sending my friends over! ;)

  83. great giveaway!

    i've never parallel parked!

  84. I have never been pregnant with a singleton. (I am the mother of twins)

  85. What a neat giveaway to honor your friend! Blessings to her.

    I've never ever been to a music concert.

  86. I've never been able to do a cartwheel.

    Your friend is in my prayers.

  87. I've never dreamed or thought of "my" wedding

    *my,meaning a wedding in the future, if that happens

  88. I Have never been pregnant, although when the time is right for us I hope to but that is my Never have I for right now and I will link to your page so you can enter me twice!

  89. lots of prayers for your friend! never have i ever rode a motorcycle!!

  90. I have never been to California. Everyone has been to California, right?? =)

  91. Warm thoughts for your friend! How courageous she is. Quite remarkable.

    I've never lived alone!! I have always had a roommate and then I got married...never lived alone!

  92. For starters, I am praying for Lindsey. She is amazing; God will honor her faith in Him.
    Her faith is so humbling to me.

    Now for the contest, I have never gotten a massage. I don't like strangers to touch me....It makes me nervous. What others long to do, is my worst nightmare sometimes.:)

    God Bless,

  93. I have never drank egg nog. Every Christmas people start commenting on "Oh I hate that" or "Oh I love that stuff." I just can't drink something that has EGG in the name. GROSS.

  94. What a thoughtful giveaway!

    I've never had coffee before. Most people in my office live on it!

  95. What a great idea for a giveaway! Someone gets a pile of pink cuteness and proceeds go to help for cancer research. Awesome heart girl. I'll be keeping your friend in my prayers. I like your blog. I'm a 26-year old, Jesus lovin' housewife!! Glad I came across your blog!!

    I have never ever had my hair dyed or highlighted at a salon. Apparently many women do that kind of thing. I'm a bottle job. :)

  96. Praying for your friend!!!!!
    I have never been to a dance club... just not my type of thing

  97. What a fun giveaway honoring your friend! Prayers for her! I've never travelled outside the U.S. but I have it on my list of things to do before I'm too old to enjoy them.

  98. Lindsey is incredible to have that mindset during such a trying experience. I will be praying for her. As for your giveaway ? How about this: I have never ridden a ride at the fair (in fact, i don't really like the fair. probably because I haven't ridden any of the rides.) Pretty lame, I know.

  99. I have never had a cup of coffee even though I love the smell of it.

    What a nice way to start the week. You are a thoughtful friend. I will pray for Lindsay.

  100. Hello I came across your blog though Becky, weeksie50, so if you want to enter her again for bringing me here feel free! She can have my extra entrance, since I won't get a chance to blog before the contest ends!!!!

    My I've never: I've never eaten at a Chinese Buffet, never really cared for the stuff!!!!

  101. Thank you, my sweet friend! You are such a picture of the love of Christ, and I feel so blessed to have you on my team to fight this!

  102. Keeping your sweet friend Lindsey in my prayers!
    I've never sent a text message...hard to believe but true!

  103. I've never seen Star Wars and Brandon has the collectors edition in both VHS and DVD.

  104. I have never seen Star Wars and I've never read Harry Potter!!!

    I soooo hope I win! I love pink...and blue...but pink too!!!

    I'll totally be praying for your friend!! :-)

  105. What an awesome thing to do to honor your friend!

    Let's see.....I've never had a massage. My mother cannot get over this fact!

  106. I have never painted my fingernails. I'm a compulsive nail biter and the paint just draws attention to them. Maybe someday I'll break the habit and paint them the same color pink I always put on my toes :)

    Praying for your friend!

  107. Thanks for the contest! I am praying for your friend!

    I have never read harry potter. (or the Twilight series) everyone has read those it seems!

  108. Hmmmmm. Oh, I got one. I have never sent my girls to school. They have been homeschooled since birth, and they are now ten and eleven. I used to teach in public schools even. But I enjoy our schooling so much. Just love it.

  109. I have never been on a Roller Coaster! I'll be thinking of your dear Friend and her surgery!

  110. I've never seen Titanic. I know, I think I'm the only person who hasn't!

    Keep up the good work on your blog, I always love reading :)

  111. I have never eaten a whole banana. I can't stand the taste, smell, or texture of them. Once a year, I try to take a bite, and just can't.

    Prayers for Lindsey.

  112. I will have you dear friend in my prayer for sure, poor dear, she must be scared. I've never seen Disney Land and I'd love to meet Micky Mouse. What beautiful prizes you are giving away. I'm off to my blog to put a link from my blog to your's. Come on over to check at

    Blessings to you..xx

  113. I have never had a surprise party and I'd like one someday.

    I will keep your friend in my prayers.


  114. I am a pink-aholic and I have never driven a car with a stick shift!

    I hope your frirnd does well in surgery. I will pray for her.

  115. I have never learned to swim.

    Prayers for your friend.

  116. I will definitely say a prayer for your friend, I think it's so important that she knows how many people are praying for her.

    I have never...experienced so many people joining in prayer through a blog...quite amazing :)

    If my name is chosen through the random generator, please give all things PINK to your friend that is having surgery...she deserves it!


  117. Worn black and brown together. I think it's weird, but only for me! I'm totally cool with anybody else wearing that color-combo (especially since Stacy and Clinton say it's cool these days). Just can't do it myself.

  118. I've Never won anything! Hopefull my luck will come soon. Such cute giveaways, Lindsey will be in our prayers.

  119. love the pink stuff, and i really wanna try the sleep mask!

    i have never done laundry since i've gotten husband does it, yes i am lucky! : )

  120. I have never eaten brussel sprouts.

    Fabulous giveaway. Thank you!

    Positive thoughts to your lovely friend Lindsey.


    Carol S.
    Perth WA

  121. I have never watched a whole episode of Friends.

    Blessings and prayers for your friend!

  122. I am praying for your friend. I have two close friends who have gone through it in the last couple of years and done so well!
    I've never been to Europe, lots of weird middle east countries but never anywhere good!
    I want that sleep mask!!!

  123. I'll be praying for Lindsay!

    I've never had my car run out of gas (knock on wood) :D

    I'm mentioning your giveaway on my blog!

  124. I have never drank coffee! Truly!

    I will hold good thoughts for your friend and look for updates on her here.

    I have my pink giveaway post all set to go for Pink Saturday and several of the things you are giving away...I am also! ...and my post is about breast cancer.

    Still I would love to win your generous giveaway.


  125. That is a beautiful email. I needed to hear that.

    I've never......

    - seen a star wars, james bond or indiana jones movie

  126. I never learned how to swim. Your friend is added to my prayers. Great giveaway.

  127. Your friend is in my thoughts and prayers -- what a positve way of thinking....WOW. I need to surround myself with more people like her!

    For your question:

    I have never had a pedicure! :)

  128. I can't think of something I've never done on the spot but I know there are many.

    I had never flown in an airplane or even been anywhere other than the southern states surrounding Louisiana until my honeymoon 5 years ago. We flew to Jordan for my first flight. (Well we had to fly to Chicago first then to Jordan). I should have chosen a shorter trip before taking that as my first flight since it is a 24 hour trip (the long flight from Chicago to Jordan is 14 hours).

  129. Hmmm...I can't think of much that I've Never done...not that I am that experienced, but my mind is just blank! I've never...smoked pot. I've met a lot of people who have and they are surprised that I've never tried it. As far as I'm concerned it's fine with me! :)

  130. I've never baked a homemade pizza.

    This is Becky Cottom...I really need to get a blogger account!

  131. I've never owned pink kitchen utensils!! How's that? ;-)

  132. I have never liked the taste of pot roast. Everyone I know seems to love it, but I can't stand the stuff. Unfortunately, I have eaten it (just to be polite!). I'll be praying for your friend. Would she let you include a picture of her? I like to see who I'm praying for. Kind of strange, I know...

  133. Lindsey, be strong, you can beat this...

    I've never...driven a stickshift car! Pathetic huh?

  134. I have never seen the beach. I think I'm missing out, don't you??!! :)

    My mom is a breast cancer survivor!-- I know she would love some of this pink! :) Great giveaway.

  135. Since everybody else is doing it I might as well.
    Here is my never.

    I have never a giveaway on a blog.

    That stuff is tooo cute!

    Great Giveaway!

  136. Big prayers for your friend!

    I've never colored my hair. I have very dark brown hair and I think about getting nice caramel highlights, but I've never gotten brave enough to actually have it done.

  137. I have never gotten a tattoo...but sometimes I want to. ;)


  138. I have never jumped from an airplane.

    Thinking of your friend Lindsey!


  139. I never wanted to grow up.

  140. I will most definitely be praying for Lindsay, one of the sweetest and bravest girls I have ever met.

    Hmmmm.....I have never......had to defend myself with physical violence! Sorry that was so bizarre, but I'm home by myself and out here in the woods at night, it's quite scary. I keep thinking of ways that I can take a predator down in case one decides to break in :-).

  141. And I have never had my hair professionally colored/bleached. Mind you, I said professionally.....I have definitely had some lovely mishaps doing it on my own.

    I just wanted to give myself an extra chance for the big, pink prize!

  142. Added a link to your giveaway on my blog! :)

    Lots of prayers for her at this time and always!


  143. I had never been to a sleep over as a child/teenager. First time I slept away from mommy and daddy was when i joined the military. Yahoo!!! :-))

    And in order for the 2 entries bit, your link is now on my blog and I will mention your giveaway. Thank you!!!!

    God willing, your friends surgery will turn out all right. She is in my thoughts.

  144. I know I'm probably too late but I just wanted to say you are doing an amazing thing! I will be thinking of your friend Lindsey and sending thoughts and prayers.
    And thought I would play along :)

    I have never had a facial.

    I look forward to reading your blog.

  145. I have your friend in my thoughts today. I just completed the breast cancer 3-day last weekend in the twin cities. It was the most amazing experience, there were so many survivors and to hear their stories was a emotional ride.

    I have never run a marathon. My husband did his first this past summer.

  146. I have never gone skiing. Is that pathetic or what? I have never even had skiis ON! LOL

    I think your friend is so courageous and what a wonderful example she is and she is in my thoughts and prayers!!! xoxo

  147. I posted a link on my blog

  148. The pink items don't particularly tickle my fancy (Whatever my "fancy" is.) But my wife is a breast cancer survivor - thank the Lord. Her case was very serious.

    Let's see... I've never liked meatloaf.

  149. I have never had a manicure.
    I will be thinking of your friend.

  150. What a fantastic giveaway. Keeping your friend in my thoughts and prayers.

    I've never been on a cruise, but have always wanted to.

  151. Just posted on my blog about your giveaway.

  152. Your friend sounds incredible. I hope everything goes well for her. I came over from Angie's Seven Clown Circus.

  153. i've never made anything out of paper mache or seen any of the "survivior" series

  154. I'm just now finding out about your friend, but I will definitely be praying for her. What an awesome testimony she has, and what a sweet friend you are for doing the giveaway in her honor. :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  155. I'll be sure to include your friend in my prayers; what an inspirational email.
    How lovely that you would do a giveaway in her honor of all things pink. My girlfriend also is battling breast cancer and she also places great faith in God.
    For your question...
    I have never gone swimming in anything other than a pool and I have always lived on the water.

  156. I have never eaten brussel sprouts! I've never even been offered them! So it wasn't a fight with my mom to eat them!

    What a wonderful give away in honor of your friend, Lindsey! I'll be keeping her in my prayers... prayer has helped my daughter so much that I know it helps & the more, the better!

  157. What a sweet giveaway! Some lucky gal is gonna be tickled pink. Hope it's me.
    Good wishes and prayers for your friend. I come from a family that has experienced so much cancer.
    And I've never drank cola or coffee.


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