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30,000 Ft. Victory!

I don't win stuff. I am never a winner. If my name is thrown into a hat for a fabulous prize drawing, I begrudgingly toss it in because I know my chances are just as great winning, as if I didn't submit my name. It's annoying.

I have always longed for a trophy of some sort, and when the world stood still and I actually DID win something - (a National piano competition when I was like 11), they changed the rules that year and the winners got a blue ribbon. Hrmph - just my luck. I took my ribbon and went on my way, internally crying because more than the satisfaction of winning, I just wanted a trophy.

(Oh, ask me to play something on the piano for ya now. You would think I was absolutely lying about winning the National competition. I am not sure what happened, but somewhere along the way, my mind was wiped clean of all piano playing. It's sad, really.)

I was a great speller in Middle School and every year I ended up in second or third place in the spelling bee. No trophy. Our cheerleading competitions always awarded trophies to the "squad" but individual trophies? Not a chance.

A few years into dating my now-husby, he knew about my secret sadness and desire for never winning a trophy, so he had one made for me. It was so sweet and I displayed it for years, though I knew deep down that I didn't "win" it.

I threw out all hopes for a trophy years ago. And all hopes of ever winning anything because like I said, I don't win. There is ALWAYS someone who beats me.

Until about a month ago.

Husby and I were headed home from a long day stuck in the Seattle airport. We boarded a big ole plane at about 11 pm and we would be flying overnight. The plane had ever amenity you could dream of and in front of our faces was a computer like device built in to the seats. There was an option for a "plane wide trivia game" where they asked you random general knowledge questions and you played against the other passengers on the plane.

There were several different categories the questions rotated through and there was a time limit. If you answered faster than someone else, you got more points...yada, yada, yada. I was bound and determined to WIN.

It was fun because you entered your name and then beside your name it showed what seat you were in. So, I was constantly craning my neck to see who was beating me in 14C and 52B. At first, I had husby help me so that my chances were doubled (because he is the smartest husby on planet earth), and then he decided to get all competitive on me and he started playing himself.

This meant war.

I read each question as fast as I could when it popped on the screen and tried to answer to the best of my ability with all force, strength and knowledge that I could muster up. With every correct question I got, I would bounce up and down and try to contain my shrills of excitement. I knew I was on a roll and I had to keep it up.

The last questions came to play and I strategized each decision and analyzed each question before pouncing on the answer pad.

And then.

The winner was displayed.

My heart raced and my blood boiled, "YES! I WON!", I screamed.

And then I realized half of the plane was asleep and that it was 2am, and that maybe I should celebrate quietly. I couldn't believe it. I beat 16 other players on the plane. I was hoping they were looking for me, to see this "Whit" that so badly beat them, so I straightened up in my seat and smiled, looking for any rubber neck that might be looking my way. I wanted to break out the beauty pageant wave, but thought that might be a little much.

And there ya have it, folks. That foggy night, flying high above the vast earth and all of it's beauty, my losing streak was broken, and there was much rejoicing.

I have to admit - I was half-way hoping for a cookie trophy or even an extra pack of roasted peanuts. Hrmph...maybe next time.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. That is really funny! And Congrats on your win! I am right there with you on the never winning anything...I am feeling your pain...:)

  2. Congrats! How come I'm never one any flights that play games?

  3. Congratulations!

    I only win stuff like homeschool books because I am old. Sigh.:)

    The few flights that I have been on there were not any games...that would have been so much more fun! But don't be confused, I would not have won, but Melissa would have come in first place.;)


    God Bless,

  4. That sounds super fun. In flight triva champ! I hope you have a great week!


  5. HAHA that is so funny.

    I never win anything either, that's why I was elated when I won 2 give-aways in one day. I was like the happiest girl ever! Because that kind of stuff just doesn't happen to me.

    That stinks you didn't get a "prize"...!!!!

  6. I'm laughing so hard -- I love it that you won and that you made a big deal of it at 2 a.m. while all were sleeping -- LOVE IT!

  7. If you ever discover a way to gain back that piano knowledge, let me know. I took lessons for eight years and today I can hardly pick out "Chopsticks"! What happened?

  8. How exciting! I bet that got your adrenaline pumping! Ty made me a trophy while we were dating! I still have it somewhere....

  9. How exciting! I bet that got your adrenaline pumping! Ty made me a trophy while we were dating! I still have it somewhere....

  10. What a cool plane?! What airline gives you such greatness?

  11. Good morning Whitney...Congrats! That's too funny! I never win anything either...even in Blogland when I enter giveaways, I don't win!

    Have a great week!

  12. Who knew that they even had that on planes? That's awesome! Hubby and I play Buzztime trivia when we go to our favorite sports bar. You play against people in that location and all across the U.S. I do a celebratory dance everytime I win. :)

  13. That is too funny! And I'm not kidding when I say I absolutely NEVER win ANYTHING! H wins stuff all the frustrating!

    Hats off to your win!

  14. I'm with you - I never win anything!! Except for a costume contest my hubby and I entered at this thrift store party a few months ago. And figures we'd win a prize for looking the "worst!" Congrats on your big win - how exciting! I can feel your thrill!

  15. I love playing trivia games...but no one ever wants to play with me. I of course remember all of the dumb stuff, like: "what did the note say on the flowers of Princess Diana's coffin?" Not the really smart stuff that really wins the game like: "Who invented the nueclear bomb??" (who cares??) and as for the sports category, I have no idea what Kobe Bryants stats are, but I know the where, when and how he cheated on his wife and what he bought her afterwards!

  16. What airline offers games??? I've never seen that. That would be fun. I love trivia. Congrats on your win!

  17. Congrats!!!! I got a trophy my senior year in High School. It was a "Senior Award" for Volleyball! The ONLY trophy I ever received. I feel your pain. Only ever rec'd acknowledgements for winning, but where/what does THAT show? I mean, REALLY!! Do you think that your kids are going to believe you without actually having PROOF? I'd say NOT! although, the extra cookie or peanuts would have made for a nice "midnite snack!" LOL

  18. That was just too funny, and the thing I loved most of all is that you took pictures of the screen - who needs a tropy- you've got the pictures to prove it!! Congratulations on your win! Oh, and I'm really jealous because I've never been on a plane that had games like that.

  19. What airline were you flying becuase I want to do that next time!

  20. I never knew that some flights had games.. and who cares that it was like 2AM, you should have done the victory lap around the plane --arms in the air and everything-- haha

  21. You wonderful winner competitive juices flying or anything. If you would like one of my sons gazzilion "participation trophies, I will gladly tear off their names and put on yours...hee hee

  22. I want to know what airline that was, because I've flown in and out of Seattle many times and have never seen that before! How cool!

    I don't have any trophys either.

  23. OK, that is so up my alley! I love trivia games and think that is the greatest idea for in-flight entertainment ever!

    I'm way older than you and certainly did not grow up in an era where you got trophies for anything unless it was huge, which meant I never won a trophy either. UNTIL a couple of years ago, when I won the beginners division at a National Duplicate Bridge competition being held here in Dallas. I got a trophy and proudly showed it off to my children (who weren't that impressed) and even displayed it on my mantle for a while. I still have it on the windowsill in my office.

    Congratulations on your win!

  24. I had no idea they had such a thing on planes! How fun! You are the champion, my friend....(the song is playing in my head!) Great job :)

  25. That is funny. :) I have stopped playing games with my brother-in-law because he is too competitive. And he kicks my butt every time we play anything so I only play when I know I won't mind being beaten all the time. Ha ha~
    Congrats! And I hope that someday you get that trophy you have always wanted!

  26. I'm glad you won! I never win either, not one trophy in all my life, my shelf is empty! I also took piano lessons for 10 years! From the age of 7 to 17 and I haven't touched one in years. I'm sure I couldn't play scales now. I am a pretty good trivia player though. Lots of useless information floating around up there.

  27. Ha! This was great! I totally knwo how you feel though, I NEVER win anything!!! Congrats on your win!

  28. Hey Whitney
    I am a little embarassed to admit that I have been following your blog for several weeks now, but have never met you! Evidentally my husband has talked quite a bit with yours, but ever since I started reading your blog I can't seem to find you at church! I guess I feel a bit stalker-ish...Anyway, I made your chicken pot pie tonight and we loved it! I literally had to keep Ryan from getting thirds (and they were not small pieces!) I also made your bars a couple weeks ago and ate so many I got a stomachache! Keep those yummy recipes coming (as well as the hilarious blogs!)
    -Dana Powell

    P.S. My blog is a fake. I had it set to private, but deleted it when it suddenly got switched to public domain. Sorry!

  29. I never win anything either, so I know how you feel. Although this weekend I won a game between the husband and I and I was extremely happy about it! I was so happy about it I had to include it in my blog!

    Sounds like you were on a pretty awesome plane!

  30. I thought this story was going to say something like you won the mile high club:)

  31. Just found your blog - love it! A girl after my own housewife loving heart . . .

    Very funny post!

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