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Rock Stars and Seattle Stars

DAY FOUR - Last Day in the City

We started each morning with a small breakfast - usually a pastry or bagel of some sort, and of course, a coffee in hand. In husby's hand. Usually a big cold iced tea in mine.

This particular morning, we checked out Edmonds, a quaint town with the cutest little shops. We had breakfast at the Edmond's Bakery. I had a figure 8 danish - raspberry & cream cheese. Husby had a dry sticky bun. I won.

After our time in Edmonds, we thought we would go on a mission. A mission requested from my older brother. He sent me directions from his iPhone on how to get to the house Kurt Kobain lived and died in. He asked if I would take pictures of his house and attempt to get a picture of the green house that he died in. No, he's not morbid...just a fan. So, I took it upon myself to make an adventure out of it and we got to play SPY.

We typed the addy in our tom-tom and off we went!

I was amazed at the beautiful was gorgeous. We found his house and in the lot beside his there was a mini park, with a bench that was a tribute to him.

There was a big marker lying on the bench for people to write a little somethin' somethin'. I wrote my brothers name.

And for people to leave their necklaces.


And their very old pictures of themselves.

It was say the least.

The house had mile high bushes surrounding it, so it was impossible to see. Unless.... Unless you were brave enough to fight your way through the thicket and sneak up to the fence.

Guess who was that brave?

Why, Husby of course!

Apparently, fans created this little hole so they could get up to the fence. And peer over. And snap pictures.

It was like a little hobbit hole. Awww.

The aforementioned green house is now a garage. It was kind of sad being there. Poor Kurt. No one deserves to kill over in a green house. That's just depressing.

So, after playing i-spy, we went to Red Mill Burgers and ate til we could no longer pop in another fry.

We couldn't eat another fry....but a cupcake? Now that's another story. :)

We went to Trophy Cupcakes, as featured on the Food Network. It was the CUTEST place but let me tell you, the cupcakes were nothing to write home about. I was disappointed.

That evening, we had dinner on top of the Space Needle.

It was extremely overpriced, but honestly delicious. And the view and experience was worth the dough. The restaurant rotated so we got the entire panoramic view of the city while we ate. We arrived at the top at sunset, so we got to see the beautiful sun create fantastical colors in the sky and pretty soon, it was pitch dark and the city lights lit up the night sky. SO ROMANTIC!!!!

This is the olive oil on our table:

When they brought out my cheesecake for dessert, the waitress told me the berry glaze on the side was supposed to look like the Space Needle. Cute, isn't it?

I have to admit, the ride up on the outside elevator was kind of creepy. I'm not one to be afraid of heights, but this freaked me out. We flew up that thing so fast. Since there were glass walls and I could see the everything outside the elevator, I felt like I was in Willy Wonka's elevator floating over the city. That was a weird feeling.

Husby caught me mid sentence.

Come back tomorrow and I'll show you our venture over to Victoria, British Columbia! :)
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Thanks! I think the pics would be great for the Christmas card, but Andys starting to loose weight, so I might get one later once he has! I don't know...:) Your trip looked so fun! I liked the cupcakes, but I'm disappointed for you that they weren't good! I could almost taste them from the pictures :)

  2. How FUN! You are such a cute couple!

    I did not know about the whole Kurt Kobain memorial thing...interesting huh?

  3. I am really enjoying reading about your trip! I would love to visit the Pacific Northwest one day. Have a great time in Victoria! Can't wait to hear about that and see pictures.

  4. Hi, I noticed your blog comment on Pioneer woman, or the photography blog, and ventured over to check your blog out. I noticed your "about me" section, and thought I'd mention that I was a stay at home mom, and loved it!! So hopefully someday you will achieve that goal. By the way, your trip looked wonderful, and MAN you get a lot of comments.

  5. hats so neat that you went to the kurt kobain house!

  6. I'm so glad you guys were able to take such a great trip, Whit! Jealous, but glad!

  7. What a great post! (I will be coming back to read the ones that I missed.)

    I love that you both went in the "hobbit cave" to get those pictures...I am so nosy, I would have followed you both in.:)

    You and your hubby are the cutest couple.
    I laughed out loud at the Willy Wonka elevator comparison.;)

    What good times you and your hubby had! I look forward to reading more.

    Thank you also for the sweet comment that you left for me on my blog.

    God Bless,

  8. You look so pretty in that blue color! The space needle pics turned out great!

  9. I forgot to say that I loved the "Space Needle" syrup with the cheesecake; so cute! When I was on my trip on the cruise ship, I always felt so bad messing up the chef's "artwork" as I ate my dinner and dessert.:)

  10. wow! there are so many amazing pictures on this post, i don't even know where to start!!! i love all of them, and am even more jealous of your trip!!! all of that looks like SO much fun!

  11. Your trip stories are so much fun. Y'all got to see some amazing things.

  12. Your trip stories are so much fun. Y'all got to see some amazing things.

  13. That Kurt Kobain thing sounds just like your brother! That's hilarious. I'm surprised he didn't send you on any Bigfoot adventures. I wanna go to Seattle.

  14. This post just makes me more anxious to go there in October! Can't wait to see your pics of Victoria.

  15. Wow...can't believe you got that close to Kobain's house. And I'm so bummed about the cupcakes...I heard about that place..thought it would be great!

    Can't wait for Victoria!



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