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Wacky Wednesday

Did any of you ever read that book? I used to LOVE it as a child.

But that is not what we are going to discuss today. Not the book, but my real life Wacky Wednesday. Yesterday.

I was here at work, typing and processing diligently like all good employees, when my phone rang. It was one of my best friends from college. I didn’t answer since I was at work and so she texted me…..

“You’re not going to believe this….I’m pregnant.”

I grabbed my phone, ran down the hall and called her immediately. She is around 8 weeks pregnant and it was a total accident. They were NOT planning on this since they have not been married very long and it kind of threw her into a whirlwind. After I calmed down from all my laughing and screaming, I texted a bunch of our other friends and my family telling them the good news.

Then Casey, (husby’s sister) calls me.

I ignore the call, again because I am at work, and continued on with my business. I texted her and said, “Hey, I’m at work – what’s up?”

“You need to call me”, she wrote.

“Should I go to the bathroom and call? Are you ok?” I replied.

“Just whatever you need to do to call me”, she said.

I wrote, “I will call you at four when I get off”.

Her answer? “This can’t wait”.

Immediately I thought – ummmm….she’s pregnant.

I called her and the first thing I said was “Case, make it quick – I’m at work!”

She giggled and said, “Are you ready to be an Aunt?”

I instantly thought that all of my friends had banded together to play a really really really cruel trick on me. Then, I thought of the day…nope, it wasn’t April Fools Day. I didn’t know what to do or what to believe and I burst out in, “Whatever, Case.”

After much proof and explaining, I realized it WAS true and that I AM going to be an aunt!!

By this time, my head was spinning.

I went back into the office, told everyone that yet ANOTHER one is pregnant and tried to process all this information that had been thrown at me within the hour. That’s right – within thirty minutes of each other, TWO dear friends told me they were with child.

And this makes the bazillionth friend of mine that is pregnant right now. Or….maybe like the 8th.

And that, my friends, was my Wacky Wednesday.

Oh, and both friends are due at around the exact same time. Insanity!

And now - I would like to know some things from YOU, my friends and readers. How old were you when you had your first child? How long had you been married before you got pregnant?
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I was seventeen when I had my first. I got married at the age of 16...and I was not pregnant, just stupid. I was married on12/02/78 and my son was born 10/05/79, two days before my expected due date. I had my daughter almost three years after that on 06/28/82.

  2. Well, I will be married 6 years the end of August and we still have no plans to have kids. I guess you could say I'm selfish, I enjoy my childless life. I don't have to worry about anything but my husband and me. Also, my husband plans on being a full time traveling evangalist in the next couple of years, and that is no life for a child. Something funny though, our 9 year old nephew thought we were not married because we don't have any kids, it confused him a little!

  3. Everyone I know is pregnant. Just kidding, but I do currently have five friends in various stages of pregnancy.

    I, however, got married at the ripe old age of barely 21, and have been married for seven years. No kids. Lots of reasons why, but we'll probably get serious about it in a few years. Until then, I love being an aunt (even though my niece is so far away).

    I can tell you are going to be a fabulous auntie!

  4. You know I am waiting on you to get pregnant so that we can be preggers at the same time. We will annoy everyone at work with our new obsession--babies! I love that we talk about this so casually like it is not a big deal to plan to do it together, like we have made a blood pact or something! :)I know you will be first! I'm not ready yet!

  5. I got married when I was 22 and our daughter was born just over two years later. 19 months after that we had our son. I'm ready to get going on #3 but my husband wants to wait a bit, oh well!

    You are going to have SO MUCH fun with that new niece/nephew. I bet you spoil them to death!

  6. That IS crazy!! goodness! Crazy, exciting things like that never happen to me....

    We got married on 5/28/05, the day before my 22nd birthday and we're expecting Avery to come this fall- 11/08/08... so we'll have been married for 3 1/2 years!

    And it's so true. Everyone we know is pregnant right now....

  7. Blissfully married 15 years and 8 months - celebrated those 15 years in Venice, Italy...a must-go vacation for people married 15 years....we kind of put the cart before the horse and had our first, our son, after 6 months of marriage; all is still well with the world. Was married at 20, had ds at 21. :) Susie

  8. Married at 21 and the last thing I wanted was to be pregnant at a young age.....going on 16yrs and still no kiddies.

  9. This past year, all of my friends hit the "marriage" stage..literally 15 people I knew got married!--Talk about a lot of weddings. Some of them are considering hitting the baby stage, but none have done it yet :) Sounds like an eventful day for you though!

  10. I'm am not married yet nor do I have any children but I was born a year and a half after my parents got married and my sister was born exactly 20 months later. I don't suggest having children that closely together, that I know.

  11. I was 23 when we got pregnant, 24 when Noah was born. We had been married almost 2 years when we got pregnant.

  12. Um, you already know all of this, but I'll put it out there any way. Pregnant at 18, married at 19. Can't believe I just turned 26 and I have seven year old girls, but I wouldn't change a thing. And, yes, pregnancy is everywhere around me, too. Strange.

  13. I came over by the way of wandering DC. Anyway, just thought I would add. I'm 22, unmarried, and I have a 15 month old son. I like to think I'm working backwards :)

  14. I was 21 when we got married, just a few months shy of my 22nd birthday and I was 24 1/2 when I had my daughter.

  15. Let's see first child...I was 29....five years.

  16. I married at 26 and our son was born 17 months later. It should have been 18 months later but he was premature. Our daughter followed 19 months later (she on the other hand was born a month late!). I'm now starting to think about having number three in the next year or two.

  17. well jon and I got married oct 04 and had zoey june 06 and noelle march 08 it is a blast perfect for us. God gives you everything you need when you need it you just have to trust in Him. dani

  18. Married for 6 and 1/2 years before Aaron was born. I was 24. Verla

  19. Today is my 4 year anniversary and we still don't have any children. I just turned 30 and that clock has really started ticking. Hopefully as soon as hubby finishes grad school and we get a little more settled we'll be able to start trying. Seems like there's always somebody I know who is pregnant. When I was teaching, there was ALWAYS a fellow teacher who was pregnant. Also my sister is about 10 weeks along and due in February. I'm happy for her, but at the same time, I'm kinda sad for me, I really want to be in the "mommy club" too.

  20. What great news all around! I married two weeks after I turned 18. And 13 months to the day after our wedding our first son was born so I was 19. Twenty three months later first daughter, 14 months later second son. Seven years later second daughter (4th child), 3 years and 9 months later third daughter, then 3 years 9 months later third son (6th child). My oldest will be 30 in October and my youngest 13 in February. We have one grandson who is 4 1/2.

    We will be married 31 years come September and have been together for 34. Yep since I was 15! I am not even kidding you. Crazy huh? And yeah, we are still insane about each other and love having a big family.

    Have a wonderful vacation. We took the three younger kids to Paris in April. And Husband is taking me away, just the two of us, to a "cabin by the lake" for 4 days for my 49th birthday. I have plans to go to England with him for a week in October but that is still kinda up in the air. That will be all our vacations for this year but we plan to go to Vermont for our 32nd anniversary in '09.

  21. wow. that's crazy! pretty much sounds like me too! not the pregnant part...but EVERYONE around me is pregnant!!! no kids for us yet, but maybe someday!

  22. I have been married for 10 (Married on Valentines Day!)

    We were married at 22 and found out we were pregnant with our first about 6 months later. She was born 2 months after our 1 year anniversary and we found out we were pregnant with our 2nd 3 weeks after our daughters 1st birthday.

    I wouldn't have it any other way and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. We knew we wanted kids and wanted them young.

  23. I married at 23 and had baby #1 at 25 and baby #2 at 29. No regrets and still time for one more if we want!

  24. I will be 26 in September and am celebrating my 4th anniversary on Thursday. We don't have any kids yet and really enjoy our life with just the two of us. We will probably start a family in the next couple of years, since Jonathan is a few years older than me.

  25. We were married 13 years before we adopted our daughter. We were 23 when we married and 36 when she arrived. In 5 days, we'll have been married 17 years. Wow...that sounds like a lot when it's written down. The time has flown by.

  26. I saw this post and just had to comment!

    I had my first baby when I was 29 after being married for almost 2 years.
    My second baby was born almost three years later when I was 31. (It was the perfect age difference) I have to tell you, waiting was the best thing ever for us! We were able to enjoy our 20's and had a little more responsibility financially and emotionally being a bit older.

    I know someday you'll have the family of your dreams, but really enjoy each other as long as you can!



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