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When I was little, I always wanted to work at a Department Store so that I could run the scanner over the barcode on price tags. I was mesmerized every time Mom purchased something. I would stare intently at the clerks as they tapped vigorously on the keyboard while their bracelets dangled and made the greatest (to my young mind) clinging noise. And when they folded the clothing and took off the alarm detector (you know – that long annoying plastic thing on clothing that if they forget to take off you are doomed for life), I was in Heaven....if only I could get my hands on that little device! I especially loved when they had fake fingernails and lots of rings on their fingers. It was what I aspired to do and be when I grew up. I wanted nothing more than dangly bracelets to cling against the keyboard and fake fingernails with gaudy rings on every finger as I de-alarmed the clothing. And I wanted to type, type, type. What could get better than that?

Oh, and I wanted to count money back to people.

I also wanted to work somewhere that had a conveyor belt. If only I could have found a place with both the alarm detector device AND a conveyor belt, I would have found my dream job.

As I grew older, those dreams began to fade fast. The conveyor belt became less and less glamorous and the dangling bracelets became annoying.

It’s funny how your perspective changes as you grow older. To me, those jobs seemed like the ideal place to be….the best of the best in the corporate world. I didn’t think about the reality of those jobs – the stocking of new items, the commission of which they probably thrived on, the long hours and hours on your feet. All I saw was the red lipsticked smiles and friendly conversation…the beauty of working hands and willingness to help….the personalities of normal people like you and me working hard to get by…and the greatness of simple things like wrapping a gift or swiping a credit card through the machine.

I never worked at either of those “dream jobs”, though I did achieve a few of my childish goals. I worked as a bank teller where I got to count money back to people. And now, I sit at a desk where I get to type, type, type.

And yes, I am wearing fantastic rings and fake fingernails as I do it.

And every time I check out at a Department Store and notice all the things I used to as a child, I smile and realize that some things never change.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Oh my gosh...I felt the same way about the lady who cut fabric at our local sewing shop when I was little. I loved the way her hands moved as she measured out yard after yard of fabric and then the way her long nails clicked on the table as she folded it neatly and then pinned on a little piece of paper with the price on it.

  2. It must be a little girl thing. And actually, I'm still mesmerized by some women's graceful, pretty hands with long, painted nails and sparkling rings. Still the little girl in me wanting to be beautful I guess. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today!!

  3. How funny...I remember being a little girl and watching the check-out girls at the grocery store and just wishing that someday I could push those buttons and run the credit cards. I always noticed little details like their rings and nails too. Ah, the innocence of being a child. I miss that!

  4. i always wanted to be the lady that worked at the cosmetics counter in dept. stores. they always had perfect hair and make up and they got to wear a spiffy white jacket. now i think that most of those women have dyed their hair a lot and wear too much make up!

  5. I remember being in elementary school and thinking how great it would be to be a teacher because when you went to the cafeteria, they could drink tea instead of that disgusting milk in a carton! Why, i wonder, did I not realize that you could drink tea instead of milk at other jobs to? It amazes me at the different perspectives of different age groups!

  6. My dream job was a mailman...I wanted to sort the mail like nobody's business...thanks for reminding me!

  7. I worked at JCPenney for a few years during college and high school and believe me it does look more fun than it is! But sometimes I miss it and go to the self check out lanes even if a regular lane is open!

  8. I wanted to be a cashier too! (And actually was for about a year growing up)--It was fun. I tried to make each person smile, and most of the time I did. It was a light-hearted job, if only I could pay my bills being a cashier--I think i'd never of left! haha

  9. Me too! Except I wanted to be a cook in Waffle House. When they flipped things in the air and yelled orders at each other... I thought that was the height of excitment! :)

  10. I must say I never wanted to be a cashier. I wanted to be an interior designer.

  11. Funny you should say all this! My daughter Hannah so wanted to be a checker girl when she grew up! She played many hours "making groceries" when she was little. You have inspired me to write a little about it and how it pertains to life in the here and now!

    Love you blog!


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