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Crib Addict.

I love nurseries. Love them. Adore them. I have no children and am not even expecting, but I love to daydream about what I will create for my childs room one day.

When we were in Dallas this past weekend, we went to Market. Market is where people who own businesses go to buy things to sell in their stores. They have every store imaginable, ranging from clothes to chandeliers to furniture to purses to jewelry to pictures to...well, you name it. The prices are outsanding, since they are "buyers price", and I happened upon a store specializing in nurseries.

My heart stood still.

I rounded corner number one and saw this:

How beautiful, how precious, how dainty, how feminine! I love it. This crib would go wonderfully well with a shabby chic decor full of ruffles and soft hughes. Oh, and of course, a crystal chandelier.

I was glassy eyed and in love....and then I rounded corner number two:

AH! Gold and pale green. Gorgeous! I was drooling by this point. I could envision my little one wrapped in a beautiful long gown reaching up and smiling as I stared in awe of the crib, (and of the child of course). Then I peeked around to the front of it and noticed this:

AH! A baby praying. How absolutely and insanely precious! I was obsessed. Had to have it.

Until....I rounded corner number three and time stood still while the angels sang Hallelujah.

Oh. My. Goodness. I have to have this. It was like turning the corner and falling straight into a fairy tale. It was Peter Rabbit everything! It was so frilly and wonderful and outrageous and I gasped and screamed. It was exactly what I want.

I grabbed mom by the wrist and said, "THIS IS IT!" It is perfect. So different and so story-book-esque. And the STUFF - oh the stuff to go with it! The dresser, the armiore, the mini table with carrot legs, the foot stool, the chair, the toy chest, the trash can, the PLATES!!! I want it all! So fantastical.

As I caught my breath and stopped snapping pictures, I rounded corner number four. Yes, this store had many corners. This is what I saw.

How unique! It's perfectly round! I made a mad dash toward it and fell in love a fourth time! My heart was on overload.

Oh, and check out the chandelier!

Precious. Just precious.

I left with approximately 1,359 ideas in mind about my future nursery for my future child.

Now.... if only there were endless funds and a baby in my tummy.....
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Oh that's all looks so beautiful and I remember all those dreams and wants.

    I laugh only because before I had children I did not even own a cotton shirt, all were silk, cashmere etc....everything went to the dry cleaners even my jeans. I didn't work and spent my days lunching with other doctor's wives...a fairy tale...then I had a baby and magically I brought him home and every hour threw up on my silk and rayon and cashmere...all things I didn't wash and now I had nothing to wear. I went out and bought everything cotton and have been wearing cotton ever since.

    I'm not sure why your post reminded me of this other than with my first I was the same as you...had to have everything frilly and angelic. When the second one was on his way I remember thinking...Hmmm do I have diapers and wipes...okay I'm good! LOL.

  2. noble pig: I think this post reminded you of the spit up because my first thought was, "Oh, all these cribs are so pretty and frilly, but what about when the baby spits up all over it?"

    Yes, practicality eventually sets in.

  3. those cribs are AMAZING!!!! one of the first ones reminds me of J-Lo's nursery that they showed in People. it was gorgeous! Also, HOW did you get to go to Market?!!! I've alwasy wanted to go, but i guess i should get my business up and running first! :/ anyways, LOVE LOVE LOVE the cribs!

  4. Those cribs make my uterus skip a beat!

  5. First of all, thanks for coming by my blog, I so appreciate that. Now, I love your blog and those cribs are beautiful.
    I love the fact that even though you are working now, you have always known that you want to be at home. It took me many years to get here!! I wish my children had never known daycare but we can't go back. I am just thankful we are home now.

  6. I came over here from Pioneer Woman's site. I love your blog. I really, really love those cribs. My babies are grown-up's, but I can't wait for them to have some babies of their own and then I get to spoil them with baby rooms like these.
    Happy Anniversary too. Our's was yesterday.

  7. well, i now know where i will be shopping for all my nursery needs ;) great pictures!

    um, i'm ashamed to say this, but when we bought that box of cards, it was at spencers. but i think if you do a google search, you might be able to find them other places. just search for 52 weeks of romance cards.

  8. I think you need to have a girl, definitely a girl :-) Everything looks too new to put a baby in, very pretty.
    My nursery is going to be teddy bears for my baby bear. I've decided. Finally. Love your blog Whitney!!

  9. Oh my goodness. You'll never shop at Target again. :)

    Those are the most fabulous cribs I've ever seen.

  10. i absolutely adore that chandelier!!! so precious... i'm planning right now to get it when i have children, even if it's a boy. ok, maybe we'll trade out the ballet slippers for baseballs or something.

  11. Are those posh or what? Lovin' the cribs big time.


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