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Why, Hello There....

There is a lot of pressure writing your very first entry on a new blog. I fret over what to say and how to open, because one day, new readers will search for the first entry to see “where it all began”. So to all of you out there in the future: hello and thanks for reading! Oh, and are we traveling in flying cars yet? I sure hope so.

I have a lot of grand ideas for this blog. I will journal the daily happenings of my peculiar little life and then one day, I will get to drop off the “My Journey Toward” portion of the title! It is then, that I will hoop and holler, jump for joy, dance a jig and then return to journaling my days as a housewife. And it will be fabulous.

I want to incorporate my life as a working girl, with my life as a homey-girl. And by homey, I do not mean that I will be wearing baggy pants, do-rags and dollar sign bling. I am much too girly for that. By homey-girl, I mean my world at home as a wife and a lady. My two opposing worlds of working lady and house wife desiring, collide every day, and it makes for a humorous and crazy life. I will show you my side of the work force as well as home ideas that include cooking, decorating and wifey-ing. Oh, and of course, a peek inside my fabulously fun marriage with the best man in the world.

Let’s start with discussing one of the most awkward things in the world.

You know when you see someone you know and you are walking toward each other with quite a long distance to go before you actually pass? It is always hard to know when to look at them. Do you make eye contact from far off and then hold the gaze until you are close enough to speak, all while smiling awkwardly and humming to yourself? Or do you turn your head to the left and pretend something is really capturing your attention until you are close enough to give a quick glance and a hello? My favorite is the “take out your phone and pretend you’re texting” move. I think that gives both me and the oncoming acquaintance a break. I also have been known to have fake phone conversations so as to avoid contact all together….and then I pray the phone doesn’t ring while it’s up at my hear and then my cover is blown. I especially do that when I am approaching a “talker”. You know the kind you can’t get away from without absolutely losing your mind?

The annoying “walking toward each other” incident happened to me the other day at work. I was coming back from a nice lunch and lo and behold, here comes a guy I work with. I see him every now and then, but we don’t work in the same office, so we are most definitely on the “hi, how are you” level….not the “hey old buddy, tell me a story” level. We made eye contact entirely too early and so I felt like I needed to speak immediately. The wind was blowing hard and I blurted out “I see you’ve been to my office!” (he was carrying out something from there). Silence. He didn’t say a word. I could feel my face turning red. Why did I even speak? I knew I should have pulled the cell phone trick. We were a few steps closer by this point and he said, “What!?”, and I had to repeat myself. Instead of the chuckle and witty remark I was expecting back from him, he simply said, “yes, I have”, and passed me. Ugh. Awkward. Next time I am just smiling and looking away.

Have a fabulous day!
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I HATE those akward moments. I always try to pretend something has just caught my attention and I continue to stare in that direction until we get close enough to say hello. Life is full of akward moments and it is good to know I am not the only one experiencing them!

  2. love your new blog site! great first entry :) i look forward to visiting and reading your posts!

  3. I saw that you just recently started blogging (me too), and thought I'd go to the beginning.

    And no, there are no flying cars!


  4. Just found your blog on Mrs. Dirnberger's site.
    I hate those awkward moments!!!

  5. Hello from the future!
    I actually heard about a flying car that just came out on the market. And it can be yours for just $195,000!
    And I totally get the awkward walking toward people you know moments. I just had one a couple minutes ago with my boss, and at the same time almost ran into some lady walking out another door.

  6. This made me laugh because I totally just went to your very first post to "see where it all began" and there you were, calling me out on it! TWO YEARS AGO! LOL!


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