Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Home Girls.

It was 1am and I was scrolling mindlessly through my phone because I had taken a nap with the babies that day and of course, couldn't fall asleep.  WHY do I do that?  It's a cycle I'm stuck in because if I nap with them then I can't go to sleep until 1am and then I'm tired the next morning so I take a nap when they do ... and then it's just all messed up.  But anyway, I was looking at my phone.

A Facebook notification popped up and it was a girl Husby went to college with that is my virtual BFF because we are so much alike.  She was like, "please tell me you get Marie Claire magazine.  If you don't, you must go get the August issue and turn to page 130."


I immediately replied with a "No, I don't??? Why???"

The suspense was killing me.

Then she posted a photo on my wall of THIS.



Totally freaking out on the inside, but not squealing to wake Husby, I tried as hard as I could to read the little section of the article that she posted.

From what I gathered, the author was making fun of housewife blogs but kind of secretly loved them herself.  I laughed because, hey, I know housewife blogs aren't for everyone :), and was just so excited to see my blog in a magazine!  So fun!

I truly thought that the author was writing this article, needed some blog titles to throw in there so she googled them and mine popped up.  I tried googling "housewife blogs", and mine was the second to pop up, so I figured "Eh, she probably doesn't read my blog, but still! Fun!"


I wanted to have the magazine as a little keepsake for myself so I went out and bought it tonight.  I bought my Mom a copy, too, because she had asked me to.  Hey, she's my biggest fan!  If my name was in the Podunk Times she'd buy a copy!

{Super shout out to my friend Randi, who reads Marie Claire and enlightened me.  I would never in a million years seen this article on my own.}

When we got home, I curled up on the couch to read the article and came upon an excerpt where the author was talking about giveaways and how this particular blogger was giving away Pink Sugar lotion and then I lost my breath.

I. Gave. Away. Pink. Sugar.

I gasped, still holding my breath, and kept reading. Then there it was, lo and behold, I WAS QUOTED!  IN MARIE CLAIRE! MY WORDS FROM MY BLOG WERE IN MARIE CLAIRE! I could not stop laughing and screaming! Oh my GOODNESS!


She was totally making fun of what I said, but who cares?!  I SAID IT!  AND IT'S IN A MAGAZINE!

I sca-REAMED for Husby to come read and we were both just laughing and in disbelief.  I mean, what?! This was blowing my mind!

I quickly went back to my Pink Sugar giveaway post and sure enough there sat my words, verbatim.

I called my Mom and started talking so fast I'm sure she couldn't understand a word I was saying - pink sugar, giveaways, quotes, what?!?

The end of the article was her referencing the Pink Sugar again and how maybe she will win it and I just couldn't help but laugh.  Had I known where that post would end up, I would have died!

Now, by no means is the lady praising my blog and ones like it - but she wasn't totally bashing it, either.  It was her honest opinion, and I respect and appreciate it because she was genuine.  I mean, who of us haven't sighed and rolled our eyes and some of the stuff people post? I could probably go back on my own blog and roll my eyes at some of the stuff I have posted myself! Ha! :)

I truly am a wife and mommy who has always dreamed of these days that I'm living now.  I don't expect everyone to get that - just like I don't understand other people's personal dreams and goals, because they're just that: personal.  But, I am 100% real about loving this life God has not only blessed me with, but entrusted me with.

And y'all, now that I'm famous, maybe you'll see me on Food Network soon ... but I'll have to film in my Mom's kitchen because hers is a lot more glamorous than mine.  "Whitney's Glamorous Kitchen", I can see it now!  Tune in, friends.  I'll be on right after Trisha and P-Dub!

And Sandra Tsing Loh (the article author), if you're out there reading this post, please send me your address.  I would totally love to send you a bottle of Pink Sugar for your nightstand. :) (I mean it!)


  1. Oh my word!!!! I'm DYING!!!!! Lol. Can I have your autograph? I should get a copy and have you sign it!!!! Haha! Ps now that Disney is over we need to get together! (-:

  2. Okay and ps mark read your post with a big grin on his face and LOLed. He's impressed with your legitimacy and game. Hehe.

  3. I would freak out too-that is too cool! BTW, the PINK SUGAR line is my favorite too!

  4. seriously, how cool is that? I totally would have had the mumbled crazy talk convo with my mom too....and probably the cashier at the grocery store and the unsuspecting couple walking through the neighborhood. Really though, you have a cool blog and deserve a shout out :-)

  5. I LOVE it! I didn't realize that you were the one who did the Pink Sugar giveaway or I would have sent you a picture of that part of the article, too!! Haha! Just don't forget your virtual BFF now that you're all famous and stuff! :-)

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  7. How cool!! I'm wanting to try Pink Sugar right about now. =)

  8. If you really want to send her some mail it to the magazine at her attention.

  9. Woohoo! Okay where do you buy pink sugar lotion again?

  10. WHAT?!? That is so cool and crazy!! Now Pink Sugar lotion needs to send you a lifetime supply. :)

  11. Whitney, this is the best!!! I love it. Your blog is one of my very favorites, and I am so far from a "housewife" (single early twenties girl who works in finance), but I love love love reading about you and your sweet family. You are seriously the coolest!

  12. Found it online :)

  13. this is awesome! how fun! Congratulations!

  14. Woohoo! So fun! I love your blog and have two little guys who would love to play with Levi and Ezra while we sip our iced coffees! If you're ever in ATL let me know!

  15. Okay, first of all, this is awesome.

    Second, does this make ME famous since I won the Pink Sugar lotion? I love it, by the way!

  16. Whitney, this is awesome! I have been sharing it with everyone who will listen!

    Joell B.

  17. oh my gosh that is so funny!!

  18. That's so awesome!! Making a difference in the world, one blog post at a time!!! BTW, I totally adore the name of your blog!!!

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