Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Real Life: The Fridge.

When we were getting our house ready to sell, our realtor came over for the initial meeting.  She loved the house, complimented how I decorate/style, and said she didn't see any need to change anything - to keep it like we had it.

Oh, except for one thing.

Take the art work and magnets off the fridge.


I had neatly arranged the front of the fridge before she came, but she wanted everything gone.  The precious little painted hand prints of my youngest?  Gone.  The endearing house drawn by my eldest?  Ditch it.  The family photo that is sure to get an "awwww" from house lookers?  You may as well BURN IT!

Okay, she didn't exactly say that, but she implied it.

So, I did what she said and cleared off the fridge.  It was weird walking into the kitchen and not seeing traces of my children hanging around (well, except for their actual paw prints everywhere).  I didn't like it.  I'm a mom and a mom's fridge is the one spot in the house to proudly display her children's masterpieces.

Can I get an AMEN?

So, you guys.  I was happy to get to Erie and not have to worry about people trying to buy my house and not because of my crowded fridge.  ;)

Um, but I miss MY fridge.  Our townhouse came with one and it's not my favorite.  But, it was nice not to have to haul ours.

Here she is in all her glory:  The Mom Fridge.


I have to weed it when it gets too overflowing, but the little sentiments of family I see each time I pass it makes me happy.  Love notes from Husby, school projects from my Levi, fingerpaint prints by my baby, notes from family who have mailed us things... my fridge may look cluttered and messy, but it's bursting with love!

And cookie dough.

Definitely bursting with cookie dough.


What's your fridge look like - simple & clean or chaos & full?

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Sweet Crisp Day.

Husby planned a super fun outing for us last weekend!  We journeyed deep into the Pennsylvanian countryside and visited the most charming apple orchard I've ever seen.  It was straight out of a Hallmark movie.  Picturesque in every way!


The boys hit the ground running.  There's just something about a little boy, a farm, fresh air, and wide open spaces that make them go crazy - running, jumping, climbing, laughing.  They had the best time!


There was a gift shop and bakery that smelled like nothing you've ever smelled before.  Apple EVERYTHING!  Unfortunately, the crowds malled that day and by the time we got there they were out of most of their baked goods, but we still managed to leave with several goodies, like a homemade apple cake mix, apple butter, half pecks of apples, and several frozen apple turnovers to enjoy later.


There were farm animals roaming around and a large orchard we strolled through.  I told Husby that I need to contact Hallmark and have them make a movie there ASAP.  It was perfect!  I also told him to buy me a farm and a big white house with an American flag hanging from the large and inviting front porch.  It's high time I embrace my inner farm girl.




I'm pretty sure the boys' favorite part was tree climbin'.  They could have stayed all day and just climbed trees.  Note: when we move, find a house with big trees!


Farm life is where it's at!

Especially when there's an apple bakery on the premises. :)


Husby planned a beautiful day!  Oh, and it didn't hurt that we hit up the most amazing outlet mall afterwards.  ;)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Throw Me A Rope!

Oh you friends!  I'm trying to keep up with blogging and I feel so far behind.  With outlets like Instagram and Facebook, it makes it increasingly more difficult to sit down and put together a well thought out summary of what is going on with us.  But how easy it is to post a quick pic, a swift recap, and a "hey - I'm here and this is what is up!" on those sites!  I plan on backing off of those places more to post our adventures and intentionally WRITE about them here.  My memories tend to linger longer when I write them here, rather then on information overload social media sites - where things are filtered out and completely gone with new posts every 17 seconds.

Sigh.  The struggles of the inter webs.

Do you guys find it harder to blog these days because of the quick taps of our smartphones and ease of letting everyone know how we are?

Will we forget how to type by 2018 and only know how to tap?

Do we still remember sentence structure? Paragraphs? Semicolons meaning more than happy faces?

Will we be able to type a story longer than 140 characters?

We're drowning in the pit of smartphones.




Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chocolate World!

How can you go to a place called "Chocolate World" and it not be the most wonderful place?  Oh man, what a fun day we had ahead of us!


We began the day with this brunch of all brunches.  It made us brunch people.  Like, all I can think about is this brunch.  It was incredible!

photo 20

And this wasn't even half of what they had to choose from.  Man, I was sick when I left that place of all places.  Wow.  Oh, and this was a place we just kind of happened upon.  And they only do it on Sundays.

Next stop - Chocolate World!

photo 18

photo 61

We went into Chocolate World thinking we would be there for a few hours and then go check out some place else.  Boy were we wrong.  There was so much to do!

We started with a 4D movie that the boys got such a kick out of!

photo 65
(Waiting to go inside.)

And then we took a tour of the factory!


photo 33

Then we did a Chocolate Tasting Tour.

photo 36

photo 22
(Torture giving a 2 year old a bag full of chocolate and making him wait for "class".)

Then we found all kinds of giant every things.

photo 63

photo 64

And we met Mr. Hershey Bar.

photo 32

And J.R. (Jolly Rancher)

photo 34

And then.  We did the thing of all things.  The fun of all funs.  The dream of all dreams.



Okay.  Can we all just have a moment and pause at the absolute adorableness of those boys in bakers outfits?  I just can not even handle one more minute of it!

This was certainly a highlight of the trip.

photo 50

The boys were beside themselves and totally felt like we were in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

photo 49

We got to pick out our chocolate, what we wanted inside of them (chocolate chips, toffee bits, pretzels, cookie bits, etc.).  You got to pick 3.


How great of an idea is this?

photo 58

After our bars were made, they went through a cooling process and we got to design our own packaging.

photo 60

photo 29

The entire thing was just so fun.  I want to go back and do it again and again!  And, I do make a mighty fine Hershey bar if I do say so myself. :)

photo 27

photo 28

It's safe to say we all left Chocolate World FULL of sugar and sweetness.

What a FUN place!  I recommend it to any and everyone!

We woke up late the next morning, enjoyed a delicious lunch and headed home with happy hearts and sleepy eyes.  What a fun adventure in Hershey, PA.

Indeed, the Sweetest Place on Earth.


Monday, September 8, 2014

The Sweetest Place On Earth.

On our Quest to Explore Every Inch of Pennsylvania in the year that we are here (ha!), there was one spot that was on the top of our list.  The Sweetest Place On Earth ... Hershey, PA!

Husby had Labor Day Weekend off, so we figured this was the best time to make the trek down to Hershey.  It is around 5 hours away, so he got off early on Friday, we closed on our house (Praise Jesus!), and we headed on our little vacay.  The boys were over the moon excited about the adventure ahead of us.

We stopped along the way for supper at a Dutch restaurant and had a super delicious meal.  It was probably the best we've had since we've been here.  Husby got this ham and bean soup that was absolutely to-die for.  Seriously, so good.  Something I have learned about this state is while they may not know how to do beverages and Mexican food, they've got SOUP DOWN! Some of the best soup I've had ever, I've had here.  I guess with all the snow and cold temps, they've had plenty of time to practice. :)

We hit the hotel late and got the kids calmed down (every one knows how children react to hotel rooms - PARTAY!), and in bed so that everyone would be happy and fresh for the fun day ahead of us on Saturday.

Picture_371_taken_on_2014-08-30_195604 10.30.47 PM

We grabbed breakfast in the morning and the first thing on our agenda was Hershey Park.  Oh, the excitement!  We got parked and made the hike to the gate and began our fun filled day.  The boys were so excited to see "who they were" as every person is dubbed a candy bar based on their height for rides.  Levi was a Reese's and Ezra was a Kiss.


photo 2

Sorry for no picture of Ezra with the kiss.  He has quite the aversion to statues and characters in costume.  Instead, here's Levi several of the candies!



The funniest thing happened!  When we walked in I was snapping pics here and there and everywhere and someone took my arm and said, "Hey Whitney!" I turned around expecting to see ... well, who knows who because I don't know many people here and certainly no one in Hersey.  Anyway, the loveliest lady with her husband and daughter introduced themselves and said she reads my blog!  I was absolutely taken aback, considering where we were, and was excited to meet her! (Hi new friend that I met at Hershey Park!!) Every single time I run into a reader I am amazed at how small this world is.  Seriously!  So small and so FUN!  She said she recognized Husby first and then saw me.  Ha!  Almost every single time someone comes up to us it's because they recognize Husby.  Makes me laugh!

We hit the park and immediately started riding rides, eating eats and laughing laughs.  Ezra, being the tiny little giant that he is, squeezed into the big kid category (most kids his age are Hershey Miniatures - cute!), and so he got to ride true and real big kid rides!  Like, roller coasters.  It was crazy!  Levi had THE time of his life, because I'm pretty sure he's the biggest roller coaster junky there is.  The faster and higher?  The better!  It was good that Ezra squeezed into that category because we got to ride almost all the rides together as a family.  Super fun.

photo 66

photo 17

We ate lots of yummy goodies, saw a sea lion show, took pictures with characters (well, Levi did.  Ezra was running off in terror and panic as if someone was kidnapping him.), rode lots of rides, and just had the best time having fun and enjoying each other.  Awesome day.

photo 6

photo 12

photo 51
(Ezra SCREAMING at Reese.)

photo 69

photo 37

photo 41

It's funny because I'm with my little family every single day - and all day every day with my boys.  But there's still nothing like being on vacation with them.  It's different.  It's magical.  It's good.

And I never, ever, want it to end.



Oh, and you guys.  The boys crashed, and they crashed HARD that night.  Sweetest thing ever!

photo 16

Stay tuned tomorrow for fun a Chocolate World!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ahoy There Matey!

Another super fun thing we did with Glam*Mama & Papapa in town was the Scallywags Pirate Cruise.  Oh my WORD, the boys had a blast and still talk about it all the time.




The crew is dressed like pirates and the whole thing was so interactive!  It was a couple hour ride around the lake and there were cannons that shot water, pirate games, a treasure hunt & treasure chest time for prizes, face painting, a massive water gun fight, raising the pirate flag, and a dance party at the end.  Oh, the entire time was just filled with fun.  The perfect way to spend your day with two little boys!

They were painting scars or beards on the kids but Levi requested an eye patch.  Haha!  They hadn't ever done that before, but after that, every kid on the boat wanted one.  Too funny.



We've taken several boat rides around the lake at this point, and I have to say that this was definitely the most FUN!

photo 3-6

photo 4-8

The boys were soaking wet and exhausted when the ride ended.  The pirate took special interest in Levi and during the dance party, he put his hat on him and let him dance around with it!  Levi was SO excited that the pirate let him wear HIS HAT! :)

photo 5-5

T'was a great day with my peeps!



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