Thursday, September 1, 2016

Home Sweet.

After a solid year of searching, we found the perfect piece of land to call our own. The story of how we found it was divinely orchestrated and left us sitting there just kind of staring at each other - knowing exactly Who went before us. Also, the timing of it all was incredible. You guys, He is so faithful!

Last week, we closed and it’s officially ours! 

I cannot tell you how excited we are to start construction and eventually move in. After being in rent homes for the past two years - in PA and here in OK - I am beyond ready to have all our stuff in one place again and to finally feel "at home". And to not have to scream at the kids everytime they bang into a wall because "these are not our walls!!" 

We are planning, dreaming, and cannot wait to plant roots down in this spot that will give our children a peaceful place to grow and explore and always call home.

When I look at these pictures all I see is a big blank slate of memories begging to be created. Family and home. It's everything to me. 

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  1. Oh yay! Congratulations!! I felt the same way once we finally moved into our forever home. So excited for y'all. =)

  2. Congratulations! How exciting! Looking forward to following the progress of your dream home! o:)

  3. How exciting! It looks like a beautiful place - congrats!

  4. WOW...beautiful and worth waiting for. How much acreage? Love the trees.

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  6. Hi Whitney- Love your blog, Hope you love your new lot and home. Can't wait to see what wonderful things you do with it. I have been trying to follow you on Instagram, but can't seem to find your account. Could you help me? Thanks!

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