Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wow! You guys! Thank you for all the wonderful advice, tips, and recipes you shot our way in the last post. You seriously were all SO helpful! He's referenced back to your comments several times this week! :)

Husby is 3 days out from his procedure and feeling pretty good now. He had an extremely rough first day, mostly with post anesthesia nausea/sickness, but the swelling is going down and things are looking up now. He's just eager to start chewing again. There's only so much soup and jello a guy can take! 

I just wanted to pop in and thank y'all for all the tips and well wishes for him to feel better fast. Y'all are little jewels! 



  1. Glad to hear your husband is on the mend. You know, this will actually make him a better doctor, because he will be empathetic to his patients' pain. Our family doctor has always been very nice, but he had to spend some time in the hospital for heart repair, and he said it made him appreciate what some of his patients had to go through.


May the Lord bless you and keep you safe today! Thanks for the comment, friends! :)

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